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Abstract Landscape Painting

dots dots

Nov 18, 2022 - Nov 19, 2022


In Cat Pino’s painting practice, everything instinctively follows one path and should not be interfered with or altered. In other words, if you go with the flow, the images will come easily and effortlessly. If you disrupt the flow, the images will come with resistance and friction. Cat will demonstrate how this philosophy can be applied on abstract landscapes using only using three colours and masking tape.

393 Powell Street
studio room in the main entrance)

Friday, November 18

Saturday, November 19


Cat Pino was born in Calama, a city in the Atacama Desert in north of Chile. At 8 years old, she immigrated with her family to Saskatchewan to escape the Pinochet regime. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Saskatchewan. Her experience growing up in an isolated Saskatchewan town manifested a severe eating disorder. Her amplified feelings of guilt, isolation and loneliness, provided the initial conduit for her creative expression. Her road to recovery inspires her current work with concepts of rebirth, resurrection and transformation. It’s important for Cat to feel the movement of her body while in a creative space. She works on the floor rather than using an easel.  In her own words “I observe each mark, colour and texture in search for a pattern. If I don’t see a pattern I keep moving… [this]… allows me to surrender to the act itself similar to what a dancer feels when they connect to a song. It’s the movement that is now the conduit to the creative process.


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