Mixed Media

Pino, Cat

About the artist
When I’m painting I prefer to paint with no image and let the subconscious reveal itself through the materials. The majority of the time is spent experimenting with different ways of constructing and deconstructing layers by scratching, rubbing, and scraping until the painting feels balanced. This process can be labour intensive and can last months at a time – it’s a constant interplay between chance and control. Yet, the friction created between the two is what inspires a painting. Scratches, a splash, a rip, are all actions that keep my body physically involved in the work. Action painting allows me to surrender to the act itself similar to what a dancer feels when they connect to a song. It’s the movement that is the conduit to the creative process. Cat Pino is a Vancouver based artist who was born in Calama, Chile. She is a University of Saskatchewan graduate and her works are held in private collections in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.
Map Code: A6
393 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #First room on the 1st floor