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Parker Street Studios is a 100-year-old Vancouver landmark, hosting 4 floors of artists diverse in style and discipline. This 152,000 square foot industrial building was originally home to the Restore Mattress factory and now features 110 studios for over 200 artists, designers, photographers, woodworkers, and more all creating under one roof.


Parker Street Studios

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Parker Street Studios Artists

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Fiona Ackerman

Fiona Ackerman has been painting from her Parker Street studio for over 15 years. Her work is represented in Vancouver by Gallery Jones, where her next solo exhibition will open in spring 2024. Fiona’s studio practice extends beyond painting to include several large-scale murals, video projections and other public art projects. In her free time, she writes and records music and videos, often working collaboratively with other musicians.


Modern, minimal, organic fine jewellery. Handcrafted using traditional techniques and focusing on high quality precious metals.

Alex Quiring - Northbound Furniture

Alex Quiring builds timeless and functional furniture that fits the modern home. Working primarily with wood, he draws inspiration from his travels and seeks to highlight the simplicity and beauty of nature in his pieces.


My work speaks to ideas of home – where we feel at home, how the landscape around us creates a home, the body as home, the spirit as home, childhood memories of home and displacement from home. On a larger scale these works relate to the climate crisis and the realization that the earth is home and the emotions that surround witnessing it’s deterioration. I visited the Jökulsárlón floating glaciers in Iceland up close and witnessed a large piece of the glacier cleave off into the water. This struck me to the core, the loss, the inevitable change to come. The layered photographic images I use are taken in places of strong memory for me. But they are also intended to relate to a common memory. I am exploring ideas of nostalgia, the loss of memory as well as the building of fables to fill our desperate desire to hold onto good memories. Arleigh Wood studied at Concordia University in Montreal and the University of Hertfordshire in St Albans UK, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours. Wood has participated extensively in national and international exhibitions. Her work is in private and corporate collection and has been featured hotels and in various interior design magazines including Canadian House and Home. Wood’s paintings have also been used in films and television shows like the Designer Guys. Wood’s work can be found at Art Interiors in Toronto, Vancouver Art Gallery Sales and Rental Program and Whitebird Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon. When she is not working in her Vancouver studio, Wood enjoys fast-paced urban explorations and peaceful natural escapes. Wood lives by the sea in Vancouver, Canada. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, jumping into the ocean, training for triathlons and pretending she can dance to hip hop.

Crissy Arseneau

Crissy Arseneau is a Canadian artist creating hard-edge abstract works in watercolour and hand-cut paper. Her practice explores attention and contemplation, time and place, and our relationship to the natural and built environments. Material choice and the artist’s bent toward problem-solving, applying order, and striving for flawlessness lead the process of making each piece. Loosely painted with watercolour, precision is introduced when cutting the paper into crisp colour bands and geometric pieces. Upon closer inspection, the hand of the artist may be revealed through subtle irregularities in the pigments and paper edges. When the elements are puzzled together, the illusion of movement and volume is created through variations in paint application and the interaction of angular shapes, recalling refracted light, shifting terrain, streams and pathways, and architectural projections. This appearance of dimension is amplified when the work is presented floating within its frame. With this, actual volume is introduced, producing shadow, allowing the object to operate on multiple planes. NOTE: I'm in a new studio this year. Look for me on the 2nd floor of Parker Street Studios in Studio 210 (across from the blue stairwell and around the corner from the elevator).

Rachael Ashe

Book a studio visit here. Rachael Ashe is self-taught in paper-cutting and sculpting, and is a graduate of the Creative Photography program at Humber College in Ontario. She creates hand-cut artwork and installation from paper inspired by visual patterns found in nature, and influenced by textile design and production. Her work is an intersection of the disciplines of art, craft and design. Rachael credits her former position as a photographer at the Textile Museum of Canada, and an extensive exposure to handcrafted textiles, as a major influence on her work with paper to this day. She has exhibited across Canada, the US, and the UK, as well as been published in Uppercase Magazine, and the books Design Genius, Paper Play, and Rag & Pulp. Rachael lives and works in beautiful Vancouver BC.

Alan Atkins

Alan Atkins is a furniture maker and playground designer.

Babylon Buttons

Beautiful buttons for over thirty years. Topical and Timeless. Come and enjoy!

Monica Baek

Monica Baek is an oil-painting artist based in South Korea and Vancouver whose works reveal her deep fondness and great appreciation for the nature. The works especially demonstrate Monica’s endearment of the seasonal scenery changes in Vancouver’s country-side.

Deborah Bakos

Deborah Bakos is multi-disciplinary artist with bodies of work including painting, photography, textiles and found object installations. While Deborah explores a range of mediums, she centres her disparate work on the notion of our brief but enchanted existence.  In Deborah's latest magical realism paintings, motifs like solitary swings, electric moons, encroaching clouds and abandoned seascapes express our common vulnerabilities and the balance we find between hope and despair. Deborah’s holds a Certificate of Fine Arts/Painting from Emily Carr University and a Bachelor of Education in English/Fine Arts/Media Literacy from Simon Fraser University. Her artworks are exhibited in public spaces and commercial galleries with paintings held in international and local collections/publications in Canada, USA, Turkey, Mexico and, Italy.

Sophia Bakos

Sophia Bakos is a Vancouver based multidisciplinary artist who completed her Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction in Studio Arts at Concordia University in 2022. For the past year, Bakos has worked solely in contribution to her textile-photographic series entitled Skin of Her Teeth/AMATEUR. The series speaks to Bakos’ experiences with sexual harm as a teenager through combination of analog portraiture and various textile mediums such as needle felting and hand-sewing. Bakos’ textile work is an extension of herself, in that she incorporates her likeness or an element of her person in each piece. "Feminine" colours and textures are utilized to represent the sweetness of girlhood, though this sweetness is steeped in sullied memories of late adolescence. Bakos’ Skin of Her Teeth/AMATEUR saw its first public debut in 2021 at Gallery George in Vancouver, B.C for the annual Parker Art Salon, and has since been displayed as an installation at the East Side Culture Crawl for two consecutive years. The Skin of Her Teeth/AMATEUR Series took part in its first solo exhibition in September 2023 at Vancouver’s James Black Gallery. In February of 2024, Bakos will be endeavouring the next phase of the Skin Of Her Teeth series with Residency Unlimited in New York City, New York.

wallace barber

I spent my early years on the coast lines of Southern California and also the Pacific north west . I started out by taking photos of my friends surfing our home beaches, and the beautiful coast line around Campbell river. Since then my work has focused on nature, and the life and culture of the beautiful city around me. I've always loved the journey and the simple adventure of getting there. I love exploring new places and being outdoors all the time, and pushing my self to see things in ways and places that others miss.

Elizabeth Barnes

My fine arts education began with an attitude. The attitude came from my teachers, a small group of New York artists who had come of age in the 50s and 60s. The attitude was rooted in jazz. Painting was Hot. Painting was Cool. Push and pull and get your groove on. It was a neo-utopia, the resurrection of painting in an anything goes orgy of materials. Those were the days. This spirit still visits me in the studio. My work has remained rooted in modernist abstraction, and especially in the joy of experimentation with materials. Tape, mix, pour, splatter, scrape, stop, repeat. Colour is still hot. Colour is still cool. Shapes can dance. Shapes can speak.  The politics of representation become sublimated in the language of paint, design, and craft. I have used my computer as a sketchbook of sorts for over 20 years. Photoshop offers me the ability to quickly experiment with different colour overlays and shape manipulations. During the Culture Crawl I will have printed images of digital collages on display as well as paintings. About Elizabeth: Elizabeth Barnes is a Vancouver-based artist and educator. She received her BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and her MFA from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She creates work in digital media and with paint. She has maintained an active studio practice while teaching in both community and academic settings over the past 30 years, and has recently retired from the faculty of fine arts at Kwantlen Polytechnic University to pursue her studio practice full-time. Her work has been exhibited in both public and commercial galleries throughout the United States and Canada, and is in collections across North America and in Europe.        

Paula Barrantes

Paula Barrantes is a watercolour artist specializing in botanical art. Her love for painting and nature began as a child, surrounded by the lush gardens of Costa Rica. She went on to study art in Canada and the US, receiving a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Whether depicting a misty tropical forest or the cuttings from her garden, Paula’s art is about the joy of being surrounded by nature.

Shary Bartlett

Shary Bartlett’s encaustic mixed media paintings are portraits of nature and humankind. She takes the ancient art of painting with molten beeswax and infuses it with a modern look. Shary’s evocative images glow beneath a dreamy, translucent surface of wax infused by textured layers and 3-dimensional depth. Her artwork has been published widely, she has exhibited extensively in both Canada and across the US, and her work is held in public and private collections.

Nikki Baxendale

Nikki Baxendale is an award-winning Canadian artist and photographer, based in Vancouver, with professional career spanning over three decades. Her artistic journey is characterized by a profound commitment to environmental studies, which has led her to craft a portfolio that unveils the concealed beauty of locations and landscapes imperiled by the forces of climate change and human intervention. Nikki's work is an invitation to explore places and perspectives that might remain beyond the reach of many, with the hope of instilling in the viewer a sense of urgency and inspiration to safeguard these threatened realms for future generations. Her most recent exhibition, 'Into the Ice,' emerges from an extraordinary expedition to the high Arctic, specifically 'Svalbard,' situated at an astonishing 81 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. In this immersive experience, Nikki, alongside five other accomplished photographers, ventured through the Arctic waters and shorelines, encountering both the mesmerizing wildlife and the frozen masterpieces of nature. The result is a collection of stories and images that resonate with the soul.  Nikki is a versatile artist, proficient in both photography and sculptural painting, her creative process invariably commences with photography and thorough research into how light interplays with the subject's surface. Her artistic passion is deeply rooted in the exploration of water and the transfer of energy, a fascination nurtured from an early age, as she spent countless hours in her father's chemistry laboratory, peering through electron microscopes, which bestowed upon her a unique perspective. This appreciation for the intricate geometric forms and metamorphosis of subjects when exposed to light refraction, uncovered the hidden geometric and obscured lines that she fell in love with and seeks in her practice. Her work on the canvas has often been described as painting sculptures, employing dramatic, multi-layer mediums to transform her creations into dynamic 3-dimensional pieces that seemingly leap out of the canvas.  Nikki at the core is a storyteller, her ability to weave captivating narratives into her art draws from her career as a creative director in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and her beloved Vancouver. She hopes these moments create a pause to reflect and see the natural wonders in this ever fast paced world.  Glacier" “Before me, a colossal masterpiece unfolds, its colors, a vibrant symphony of nature's own. I've mixed these hues countless times on my palette, but to witness their splendor leaves me utterly awestruck and profoundly inspired. Standing in the presence of this majestic giant, I feel an immense privilege as I conclude this Arctic odyssey, knowing that I've had the honor of encountering you in all your grandeur, perhaps before you vanish from our sight. Just last year, this very corridor we sail through was impassable, with more of you filling this large expanse."  

Tara Lee Bennett

Tara Lee Bennett creates a world in paper.  Meticulously she draws, cuts and assembles seemingly, impossibly too-small pieces of paper into elaborate creations that are intricate and time consuming. As a medium, paper has endless possibilities because it is a material that is easily accessible yet can be endlessly and extravagantly transformed and it is this dichotomy Bennett celebrates.  Her current series harnesses a monochrome aesthetic which  highlights the delicacy of her cuts. Please note my studio has moved. I am now on the top floor at 1000 Parker Street in studio 420.

Suzy Birstein

My art amalgamates old world majesty with contemporary charisma: think Queen Nefertiti meets Carmen Miranda or Ganesha meets Lady Gaga. I create figures using fired clay infused with lustrously aged surfaces, which inspire collages and oils on canvas. All of my work celebrates the individual and universal. Most recently, I have been working on two series:  "Ladies-Not-Waiting", reference Old Master paintings by Velasquez, Kahlo, Manet…and “Tsipora” my Hebrew name meaning Bird, are self portraits evoking flight, travel and freedom alongside nesting, making and growing.  The 2 series will merge as one in my upcoming solo exhibit at Il Museo Gallery. I share my love for all things creative with students aged 6-86, at Arts Umbrella, my studios and art/travel workshops. My art is exhibited, collected, and published locally and internationally.  

Danielle Bobier

paintings ☁️

Christine Breakell-Lee

Christine Breakell-Lee is a Canadian abstract artist whose intuitive sense of motion and form is displayed in works that represent a visual exploration of mood, curiosity and introspection. Employing Lyrical Abstractionism, Breakell-Lee creates mixed media works with a hands on approach which imbues each highly unique piece with a fluidity of paint, line and sensuous form.  At once calm and animated the artist’s work captures motion, drama and an ethereal chronicle of hue, light and contrast. Memories, gestures and stories are all artfully combined in Breakell-Lee’s allegories of impulsiveness and perfected imperfections.   Breakell-Lee’s works appear to dance before viewers’ eyes, creating an intimate disposition through the dynamic interplay of colour and space.  With pieces that seem to both soothe and hypnotize, the artist opens up the exploration of both our internal and external perspectives, allowing room to insert a personal narrative in the consumption of these energetic journals of emotion and colour.

Thompson Brennan

Thompson Brennan is a concept based artist working primarily in paint and drawing. Born in California, he has also lived in Beirut, Lebanon, and in the US in New York, Washington, DC, North Carolina, coastal Maine, Seattle and in Montreal. Currently he lives and works in Vancouver, BC and became a Canadian citizen in 2015. He received the Pollock- Krasner Foundation grant for painting and was included in the Who’s Who of American Art in 1991. His work is included in many private and public collections in North America and abroad.

Bruce Russell Art

Bruce is an abstract painter based almost 20 years at the former factory, now artist enclave of Parker Street Studios. His works have an bright palette, with a combination of line, texture and the avant garde. His training and practice developed in the Maritimes, east Asia, and British Columbia. His new series Frontières: There Are No Líneas Perfectas has throughout an interplay of black, white and three primary colours that may conjure thoughts of Mondrian, but are arranged in a linear fashion stemming from his foundations in brush and ink. They comprise a rawness that speaks to life's imperfections, the inability to control forces of nature and finding meaning in less-polished works of art. Please visit him during the much-anticipated 2022 Eastside Culture Crawl in Parker Street Studios Studio 322B where you'll find him enjoying lively conversations with visitors and happy to discuss his works.


Michael Bull (BULLSEYE PHOTOGRAPHY) is a photographic-based fine artist.He is a BFA and MBA graduate of UBC and has a 40 year involvement with the arts and design community in Vancouver. His work is based on his journey to explore and understand the world around him and is colourful, whimsical and accessible to all. The recent works from 2020/2021 have moved from representational to abstract, channelling emotions during the process into the images.

Rosemary Burd

Rosemary Burd creates her art one stitch at a time with a needle and thread. Using her own shaky iPhone photographs, or repurposed fabrics and found objects,  Rosemary creates stitched artworks that celebrate light, colour, and texture. She is self taught as an embroiderer and a photographer. Since making her first intentional piece of art in the spring of 2021, Rosemary’s embroidered photographs have been exhibited at Cowichan Valley Arts Council Gallery, Fibreworks Gallery (Madeira Park), Firehall Arts Centre (Vancouver), Propeller Gallery, (Toronto), and the Eastside Culture Crawl. Her textile piece, ‘where can we find light in this never-ending shade?’, was shown at the Pendulum Gallery (Vancouver), Vancouver’s Eastside Culture Crawl, and published in the Surface Design Association’s journal Exhibitions in Print (Fall 2021).


Nature plays an essential role in our lives by improving our wellness, happiness, health, and even our productivity. Yet, while we spend 85% of our time indoors, there is still an increasing lack of nature in our living and our spaces. ByNature believes that any space could be transformed into a healthy environment. We aspire to bring nature into everyone’s lives by creating an experience for people to enjoy, breathe, and feel good.

Aurora Caher

Aurora Caher is a mixed media artist originally from Spain working from her Parker Street studio. Her hand-cut collages created with vintage magazines, scissors, and glue are about finding resilience and wonder in everyday situations, inviting viewers to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. The ethereal nature of the work is achieved through her attention to detail and craftsmanship.

olga campbell

Olga Campbell is a visual artist and writer. She works in several mediums: mixed media painting, clay sculpture, digital photo collage and photography. In addition to having multiple solo and group shows for the past thirty years following her graduation from Emily Carr, she has written two books, " Graffiti Alphabet" and "A Whisper Across Time', her family's story of the Holocaust told through art and poetry. This book has won four awards.She is also in the process of writing a memoir, "Dear Arlo, letters to my grandson," which should be out in mid 2024. Olga creates art because the process allows her to connect with something greater than herself resulting in a feeling of dipping into magic.

Canadian Hat Maker

Custom Hats that are hand blocked and hand sewn by hatmaker, Elaine Garrett. Made for you by me.

john capitano

I paint using a system of chance to select my colours. By chance, I throw darts at a dartboard bull's eye. When I miss the bull's eye I hit a numbered wedge and paint with its corresponding colour. This arbitrary system carried out in a playful spirit results in surprising colour combinations. My artistic focus revolves around elements of play, discovery and visual dynamics. I see visual dynamics as the play of colour, visual effects, the nature of paint and its various applications and interactions. The tension between abstract expression and representational imagery intrigues me.

Carylann art

I am a Painter and Designer. a visual Problem solver, Oftentimes my worlds collide where new and interesting creations can emerge and evolve. My painted images, once familiar are evocative of French and Victorian early 17 and 1800s portraiture: pinned by an undercurrent of baroque noir impressionism. I Have a dedicated passion with brushstoke ! My roots stem from early punk Fashion and followed with digital art: Graphic Design. I created ground-breaking work in the music milieu (12 years with the influential Nettwerk Records). My distinctly feminine sensibilities to the visual vocabulary of industrial, steam punk, and ambient music have made me a sought-after and iconic designer. I have been twice nominated for Best Album Cover in the Juno Awards (for Delerium), Another nomination for Best Album Cover with the Westcoast Music Awards for The Hermit “Wonderment” album cover. Winning first and second place for Design Award: for Delerium art: from the influential on line Morpheus Music site. After Leaving Nettwerk Records in 2007 I made a commitment to painting full time. Inspired by the old masters; I am using layering methods similar to my past digital work, incorporating glazing, layering, sanding, and scratching in order to blend and soften the appearance: bringing out small details and history to each piece. Some of my portraits tend to be quite small, which gives them a sweet and unique intimacy. Paintings take up to one year or longer to complete no matter what size. My work has been described as: “Marie Antoinette meets Francis Bacon”   “Carylann, your paintings rock. They are sensitive, engaging, individual and EXCELLENT !!!” - Dan McCaw, American Impressionist painter Hauntingly beautiful, Carylann’s images are romantic and fierce. - JoAnn Fowler/Sappho Cosmetics Carylann Loeppky was one of my favourite artists. Her paintings are all lovely on their own, each a mixture of sweet and ghostly, but what I really loved was the visual effect of them hanging in one large grouping. I wonder how much it would cost to get ‘em all so that I could have this wall in my house?    


Niina Chebry is recognised for her nature based paintings. Her childhood spent under vast prairie skies of rural Alberta, she now lives in Vancouver – where the shift to coastal flora and fauna seep into her compositions. While her work is found in private and public collections internationally Niina is part of a vibrant arts community in East Vancouver where she also instructs art workshops. Niina Chebry carves the paint to create icebergs in a state somewhere between the tranquil and the tempest. There is a sense of brooding  - a silent moment before an eventual storm. These sculptural ice forms, sometimes transparent, sometimes crumbling, are set adrift on the open sea. They cast long reflections and shadows of some timeless moment of day and night. Powerful forces of nature and the fragility of the planet seem to rest on these tilting masses. Here the iceberg has become a metaphor, suggesting isolation, impermanence and the human condition.

Sung ah Cho

Sung Ah Cho is a narrative based contemporary artist. She was born in Seoul, Korea and now lives and works in Vancouver, BC. Cho earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea and worked as a designer for stationary, magazines and a variety of books. Later, she attended the Meissen Porcelain Painting School in Germany in 2010 and currently holds a membership as an IPAT certified artist (International Porcelain Artists & Teachers Inc). In 2012, after she immigrated to Canada, she joined the Vancouver Korean Art Association, still a current member, to establish her career as an artist in Vancouver. Participated in the annual group exhibition until 2014, she continues to walk her path through participating in 2015 and 2016 Art Vancouver and various CoVan02 Gallery member exhibitions. From 2017 till present, she is now actively being part of the artists in 1000 Parker Street Studio by regularly participating in annual events hosted by studio community, such as Parker Art Salon and East Side Culture Crawl. Cho utilizes variety of mediums, such as acrylic, oil and porcelain paint to narrate her stories. As a foreigner residing in and surrounded by full of unfamiliarity, her work focuses on the notion of querencia, bringing trivial comforts found in her daily life as the foundation of inspiration.

David Cho

Born in Korea BFA Emily Carr 2008 Vancouver based artist

Jennifer Clark

Jen Clark is a muralist and painter exploring themes around the natural world, psychology, and the polarities of what it means to be human in our contemporary culture.  This is done through a mixture of representational imagery and abstraction. She has painted murals for the Vancouver Mural Festival, Earl's Restaurant, and multiple businesses in the lower mainland and has exhibited at various galleries in Vancouver and Montreal.

Redefining leather craftsmanship with a cutting-edge twist. Seamlessly blending traditional artistry with modern technology. Infusing passion into every stitch, creating bespoke leather masterpieces that tell stories of individuality. With years of experience under our belt, Our laser precision adds intricate designs, personalized engravings, and stunning details to our creations. From timeless wallets and belts to avant-garde bags and accessories, we craft leather goods that transcend expectations. Discover the fusion of chaos and creativity at Creative Mayhem, where leather becomes a canvas for innovation.

Roman Czemerys

Roman’s artistic style is a unique blend of meticulous ink line work and free flowing watercolour washes, capturing the essence of his subjects with distinctively intricate and delicate touch. This year he’s focused on a series of Vignettes of Vancouver, Victoria and other places around BC.

D.A.Swift Studio

Danielle Swift is a Vancouver-based sculptor and beadwork artist. She studied Fine Arts at the University of the Fraser Valley and has been working out of her Parker Street studio since 2007. Swift's sculptural work is characterized by a focus on the human form and the exploration of the relationship between the body and the surrounding space. Her sculptures are often created using a variety of materials, including concrete, plaster, resin and wood. In addition to her sculptural work, Swift also creates intricate beadwork pieces that explore themes of identity, the natural world and her Métis heritage. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces throughout greater Vancouver

Dark Horse Workshop

I've primarily been a YouTuber of late, but have been building props and costumes out of leather as my primary medium for many years now.

Louise A. DeGagné

Louise A. DeGagné is a Vancouver based visual artist.  She is drawn to memories and how they inform our perception of the environment around us. Through landscape, abstract, and figurative representation using a range of materials, layers, and textures, her works question and reveal traces of significant memory. These are depicted through the moments, particular objects, and landscapes to which they are associated. Her art practice is influenced by years of work as a scenic artist in theatre, opera, dance, music, and film. Louise's most current series is creating assemblage works, looking at things a bit differently these days, iso project

Carol Demers

Carol Demers is a mixed media artist working in paint and clay. Her abstract paintings evoke the natural world around her. She mainly uses plaster, oils and pigment in her work and recently started playing with watercolour. Her ceramics are coil built organic vessels. The finished works result in sensuous, tactile surfaces which invite touch.

Zoe Desbiens

Zoe Desbiens' abstracted-style paintings are an exploration of the parallels between our inner and outer landscapes. The energy of these elements comes through in her work – in textures, movement, and plays with light.  As a long-term Vancouverite and avid traveler, our natural surroundings deeply inspire Zoe's work.  Her artistic process is an intuitive one; with only a loose plan to start, she engages in a dance with the canvas and allows it to unveil itself. You can find Zoe creating in her Parker Street Studio 202.    

Doriz Art

Doris Anderson is an international abstract painter from Vancouver lower mainland, B.C., Canada. She creates her acrylic art works in the moment. Her intention is that her works may bring to each viewer a moment of reflection. Collectors of Doris' paintings have remarked that they find mystical slices of time within each creation. Doris has exhibited her abstract artworks successfully for the past eleven years. She is the recipient of one award, has participated in eighteen international juried shows, sixty-eight group exhibitions and ten solos. The Contea del Caravaggio Museum made the acquisition of Doris' original painting, MOMENTS, in September 2023, located in Sicily, Italy.

Marney-Rose EDGE

Marney-Rose Edge is a painter who captures the fragility and movement found within nature. Her nest paintings can be found at Gallery Merrick in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is a Vancouver based artist and it is her true mastery that make her paintings come alive.  Although Edge is well known for her watercolours, oils have become an important part of her creative process. Her subject matter over the years has included florals, nests,  animals, and landscapes. The subject suggests the choice of medium. Edge is a popular and well respected, teacher and juror sharing her extensive knowledge with students across the country. ARTIST STATEMENT I am fascinated with the complex structures created by birds, built to house the most fragile of objects, their eggs.  Some birds discard a nest at the end of a season never to return to it, their purpose fulfilled. Abandoned nests are reclaimed by nature, and birds start the building process anew year after year. Nests first found their way into my practice 9 years ago using acrylics. They were personal to me at the time bringing stories to life, of events and the home. My exploration continued in 2021 and the nests evolved when I started using new painting tools, powdered charcoal and cold wax medium.  These brand new works are a result of my search for another way to express the fragility and textures found in nature. I am seeking to create a balance of organic marks with both hard and soft edges, and through this process I am consistently surprised when I step back and discover a nest of photographic quality has been created. Just like nature, the longer you view these paintings, the more you discover.  

Penny Eisenberg

penny eisenberg makes paintings and drawings within a tradition of representation while simultaneously exploring the abstract qualities of the oil paint medium and mark making in a wide range of genres including landscape, urbanscape, figures and interiors. penny has maintained a studio practice in east Vancouver since  graduating from Emily Carr in 1995 and has exhibited in both public and private galleries and is a regular participant in the eastside culture crawl. penny’s work is collected in private and corporate collections in Canada, United States, Taiwan, England, Belgium and Germany.

Engelbert Romero Photography

Engelbert is a Venezuelan-born Canadian photographer and digital artist. His work revolves around architecture-inspired images, where he plays with reflections, symmetry, and repetition to convey his artist statement.

Denna Erickson

Denna is a painter that has been working in the city of Vancouver for 25 years. Her work consists of many layers of color combined with meaningful imagery. Her paintings are meant to transform the visual experience into tranquility and calm. Color is her main element.

Fine Art Framing & Services Ltd.

Fine Art Framing and Services Ltd. is an art services business specializing in the manufacturing of wood mouldings, archival frame assembly and framing consultation.

Michael Fitzsimmons

Michael Fitzsimmons is an abstract artist living in Vancouver. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up in North Vancouver. His studies include Capilano College, Alberta College of Art and Emily Carr College of Art. He works with a variety of paint materials focusing on colour, light and texture. His use of unique materials and techniques create interesting surfaces that invite the viewer to look closer.


Naomi Yamamoto graduated with distinction from the Fibre Program at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2006. Inspired by a love of bold patterns, Flight Path was created in 2007. Her work utilizes a combination of found imagery from her travels, vintage prints and textiles to create a line of belts, housewares, and adornment for the body. The current textile-based work is inspired from a childhood which provided a rich source of exposure to different craft processes stemming from her Japanese ancestry. With her handmade pieces, she is focused on creating an alternative to mass-produced products and commited to supporting locally made.

Deanna Fogstrom

Deanna Fogstrom seeks to share her love of cities and travel. She is captivated by urban life’s energy, patterns and colour. Her paintings and photographs of Vancouver and Paris explore each city’s distinctive features and identity.

Mona Forster

Mona Forster works in watercolour, ink, oil and acrylic, sharing her love of beauty in many and varied forms.  Life is busy and full, taking a moment to look at art offers an opportunity for reflection, a break from the everyday.   Mona has drawn for as long as she can remember, shown and sold her work occasionally in the past but is now focused full-time on making art.  She works out of her new-to-her studio in Parker Street Studios and is excited about what the future will bring.

Veronica Foster

Veronica Foster is a mixed media artist, a decorative artist, and a scenic artist for film. Through this varied experience she has explored the use of many traditional and non-traditional art materials, which ultimately inspired the use of plaster impressed with enormous leaves for her ‘Fractal Nature’ art series. Expanding beyond her personal and professional practice, Veronica is now sharing her knowledge of mixed media, decorative art and scenic art through her in-studio workshops. Gift Certificates for upcoming workshops are available at the crawl and the on the website...

Anna Freschi

Anna Freschi is an abstract artist who works in mixed media. Her work is inspired by the natural environment of the West Coast. Ethereal trees and landscapes are recurring themes in her work along with abstracted florals. "My Paintings often develop from sketching, dripping and dragging paints, adding and subtracting layers, collage and photography until the visual elements suggest a path - a remembered moment or a feeling evoked by being in the landscape."

Tyler Fritz

Tyler Fritz is a sculptor working mostly in wood.

Victor Goertz

Victor is a BC born painter who travels the province to ancient forests and wild shores, to find unique visual performances in the theatre of the wild. Actors made of rock, tree, water and earth. He then captures these performers in all their drama within his sketchbook and transports it back to his studio where he further develops the script. A script that the viewer will complete. These stories we all create for ourselves every day as we traverse city or forest. We create with our eyes the world we want to see. It is this process of visually elucidating the world into stories, myth, and memory that excites Victor as an artist along with the preternatural and animistic forms we awaken within ourselves and imbibe these characters with. And where better to explore this process than immersed within the wild wonderworld of British Columbia.

Lori Goldberg

Lori Goldberg was born and lives in Vancouver. She attended Langara College Fine Arts program, Ontario College of Art and Design and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She is the recipient of many awards, including a Canada Council Grant, two Tony Onley Artist's Project Scholarship and the Vermont Artist Award. Her work is in the collections of the Canada Art Bank, Contemporary Art Gallery, the City of Vancouver, Michael Audain private art collection and VGH Foundation. Major exhibitions include South Main gallery, Vancouver / Justine Barnike Gallery, Ontario / Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver / the KX Kunst Kampfnagel Gallery, Hamburg. As an artist, Goldberg has always sought intersections with broader communities, developing collaborative and mutually instructive inquiries about how art can impact positive environmental changes. She has spearheaded socially engaged project in Akumal, Mexico, Governors Island, NYC, Vancouver and Squamish BC. She served for three years as the Provincial Representative of C.A.R./F.A.C. a Canada-wide advocacy and education NPO. As well, she was a founding director of the Vancouver Salish Sea Artist Residency. Over the last two decades, Goldberg has taught at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and frequently presented at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. She is represented by  Art Junction, Whistler, McQueen Art Agency, Alberta.

Gavin Goodall

Gavin Works out of Parker street studios where he designs and builds furniture and millwork. With a background in residential millwork he brings a keen eye to custom millwork and furniture design.

Brent Granby

Brent Granby is a Vancouver based artist born in 1962 in Hamilton Ontario. Brent is working in the intersection of utility, technology and desire. As an artist he has been exploring issues of sustainability and the effects of our choices of machines on the landscape, memory and the human body. Brent lives in the West End of Vancouver with his wife and two daughters.

Claudine Gévry

Claudine Gévry is a multidisciplinary artist who dreams of creating a magical world where the vicissitudes of life are replaced with surprise and delight.  She is inspired by artists like American sculptor Alexander Calder, inventor of the art of mobiles, as well as technology oriented & experimental artists like Amsterdam-based Studio Drift. Living on the West Coast of Canada, Claudine’s art is greatly influenced by her environment. Nature’s fragility, its impermanence and its ability to adapt to different circumstances are among the themes nurturing her work. Over the last few years, Claudine started integrating lighting technology in her traditional metal wire & kinetic sculptures. To help her achieve her vision in 2019 she co-founded Umbra & Lux, an innovative sculptural lighting company. Regularly exhibited in art galleries, her sculptural light installations can also be found in corporate settings like the University of British Columbia Pharmaceutical Sciences Building and in the offices of biotechnology company, AbCellera, in Vancouver. Originally from Montreal, Claudine now lives and dreams in Vancouver, Canada. Member of the Sculptors' Society of BC, the Eastside Culture Crawl, CARFAC BC, Vancouver Metal Arts Association, SNAG Metalsmith & The Cloud Appreciation Society (UK).

Gabryel Harrison

Artist Bio 2021 Gabryel Harrison is a painter living and working in Vancouver. Harrison is well known for her large floral paintings which hover on the edge of painterly abstraction. As an artist who looks to nature for  inspiration, in her paintings she also explores the land, its forms and energies. Her preoccupation is how to use visual form/formlessness to depict intangible interior realities. “Using variations of oil sticks, paint and mediums, scratches, scumbles and splatters of slung paint, I am inspired by instinct and intuition as much as intellect. I celebrate accident, inviting drips and smudges to evoke both decay and effulgence. In this way the painting arrives as a “thing in itself” composed of the gesture containing its own making. I utiliize deliberation and chance, thin washes and passages of impasto to arrange relations of color, value, calligraphic stroke and line into a feeling or memory, a pictorial composition more akin to the distillation of poetry than the descriptive lines of prose. I paint the moment in time and its passing. Like the Japanese phrase “mono no aware” meaning beauty tinged with sadness, I paint the flower and the death in the flower. I paint not to describe the flower but to feel my place in the stream.” I offer these paintings in the midst of a world comprised of ever increasing speed and volatility as possibilities of quiet reflection. I invite the viewer to slow down, to be present. This simple engagement can be a radical act. To quote Brice Marden: "The rectangle, the plane, the structure the picture, are but sounding boards for a spirit. I always see the painting as a contemplative object”.

Jennifer Harwood

With an interest in both visual and performing arts, Jennifer obtained a degree in contemporary dance from Simon Fraser University and continued to hone her craft as a visual artist and graphic designer through instruction at Emily Carr, the Federation of Canadian Artists and through guidance by many local and international artists.   Jennifer’s uses both photos and memory from the places she visits while experimenting with colour and highlighting her distinctive brushwork. The intention is to create interesting and lively landscapes and still-life with an atmosphere of spontaneity and freshness.

Kelly Haydon

Kelly Haydon is a visual artist based on unceded xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and səl̓ilwətaɁɬ Lands whose primary focus is painting and printmaking, with a dash of bookmaking thrown in. Her work has garnered awards, been held in collections, projected onto buildings, and published in books and journals. She has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.

Angie Heintz

Angie’s painting, printmaking and sculptural practice is centered around themes of ancestry, land and dwellings. Her most recent work explores the layered histories of land dispossession and homesteading. Angie's compositions are keepers of memory, capturing the nuances of places both real and imagined through text, layers of mediums and playful palettes. Her practice includes material explorations in acrylic and oil paintings, natural dyes and textiles, collage, printmaking and sculpture. Angie holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from Kwantlen University (1995), a Diploma in Fine Arts from Kwantlen University (1996) and is currently a candidate for a BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Honeytta Gallery

My work is emotionally inspired by my background as a Kurdish woman. With concrete as my ruling medium, I compose a body of work using basic materials to create my arts contemplating living in a tribal society, exportation, and being forced to be isolated from the modern world. The labour in making the artworks reflects upon the struggle Kurdish people, specifically women, face to preserve their cultural practices and rights. There is a famous saying, “we have no friends other than mountains.” To portray the primitive condition of living in such colonized  society, I use primitive materials, including plasterer, mesh, charcoal, cardboard, ink, wood and gunny sac. Concrete is a cold and minimalist material that echoes the unsustained agriculture and represents the past and the current discourse dominated in Kurdistan territory. It is as modern as it is permeative.

Tannis Hopkins

Tannis Hopkins is an expressive, modern narrative painter who explores human existence, nostalgia and curiosity provoking scenarios. Her paintings and drawings are meant to start a story in the viewer’s mind. She hopes to find kindred spirits and to celebrate heartfelt, sensory and meaningful parts of life through her work. Tannis studied fine art at Concordia University, Dawson College and Ontario College of Art and enjoyed a successful career as an advertising art director and designer. She now focuses solely on her fine art practice.

House of Hudson Jewellery

Melissa Hudson wants you to feel like you dug her jewellery up at the beach. Born in Vancouver BC in 1986, she attended the Vancouver Community College, Jewellery Art and Design Program right out of High School. She began working under the name House of Hudson Jewellery in 2014 and has been working to develop her own techniques and style to create a unique space for herself in the jewellery community. One of her main goals is to design in a way that makes every individual piece come out one-of-a-kind. Her main inspirations are sea foam, brutalism and cutesy protuberances. She seeks the balance between organic formations and geometric lines. Currently working out of her Vancouver studio, Melissa is always thinking about creating future heirlooms, beautiful little memories made permanent.

Pam Hudson

Pam Hudson Studio 328 ,1000 Parker street Born in Olds, Alberta, Pam studied Nursing at Foothills Hospital and Fine Art at the University of Calgary . Upon arriving in Vancouver in 1987, Pam began working as an E.R. nurse at Burnaby hospital (until present) and Works as an painter from a studio at 1000 Parker Street with her daughter and close friend. Pam's paintings are part of an ongoing series of works inspired by life. Primary themes include the human figure, animals, still life and abstracts. A proud artist of the” Doctor Vigari Gallery” on Commercial drive until Bill Gotts retired. Paintings can be viewed, by appointment, at studio 328, 1000 Parker Street, East side Culture Crawl , instagram @pamhudsonart , f.b. pam hudson and online at the Heart Company

Gordon Hughes

Gordon’s abstract paintings explore multiple ideas occurring simultaneously through implied imagery and dynamic spatial relationships.  “The interface between randomness and consciousness presents for me  a spiritual and expressive potential that is the space that I explore in my work. The creation of the work is an attempt at a recognition and reconciliation of these contradictions and to make them into an expression of being that is both personal and universal.” Besides his fine art painting practice, Gordon has painted commissions nationally and internationally as well as working as a muralist, scenic artist, illustrator and storyboard artist on over 80 film and television productions

Nohra Jacobsen

Nohra Jacobsen - Mixed media and collage artist Hello! I'm Nohra Jacobsen, a mixed media and collage artist with roots in the colorful culture of Colombia. Since making Vancouver my home in 2000, I've embraced the shift from the bright, vivid colors of my homeland to the soothing greys and understated shades that define this beautiful Canadian city. My art is where I pour my heart and creativity. It's where the quiet whispers of nature, the random beauty of found objects, and the hidden details revealed by my camera's macro lens all come together. Mixed media is my playground – a place where I can mimic the rich textures of the natural world and layer my thoughts about the physical and the spiritual. Over the past few years, I've been on a learning adventure, diving into new techniques and playing with different materials. I love the surprise and joy of discovery that comes with each new creation. So come on in, take a look around, and enjoy the layers of meaning and texture I've put together for you – each piece a chapter of my story, blending the warmth of Colombia with Vancouver's serene beauty, all through the adventurous and ever-evolving art of mixed media.

Elizabeth Jensen

Elizabeth Jensen is constantly inspired by the beauty of nature in all its permutations: plants, rocks, forest, water, mountains – they all show up in her mixed-media paintings and photos.

Jovial Walnut

Tim Andries operates a multi-disciplinary woodworking practice that approaches the craft gastronomically. The workshop produces custom millwork and furniture, which in turn supports Tim's investigations into the meaning that inheres within the material. An aspect of this investigation is the hardwood seek-and-salvage operation, called Jovial Walnut, that Tim has been running since 2006, that is a quest for the finest woods that grow here, in the valley of the Fraser. Many fine boards and fine woodwork will be on display.

Cliff Kearns

Numbers are simple in form, yet complex in meaning. The more I explore each number's meaning and shape in paint, the more I discover how influential each numeral can be. This exploration is resulting in interesting, strong and limitless possibilities as Statements of Art. Numbers measure just about everything!  They pervade our days and often dictate our life direction and worth.  Life, in fact, and Art can become a Numbers Game.’ I come to these Series of Number Works during a lengthy career as a fine art painter and after an even longer career as a commissioned Artist and Illustrator working on projects for General Motors, Proctor and Gamble, 3MCo. and UWO. Best known for his Marathon of Hope Portrait of Terry Fox, Cliff and his wife Mary Margaret moved to Vancouver from Ontario five years ago. The new environment and his own Soul Search has helped to inspire these Number Series.  

Hella Keese

I paint what's in my heart; vibrations from interactions with others, landscape trees flowers water, animals. My approach to painting is semi-abstract; the results are often poetic, lyrical and subjective in meaning with the slightest indication of perspective.                                                                                                                               As the piesces are vy long only a section is shown here.  Pls click on it to see the whole picture. The whole set contains 15 piesces. hellakeesestudio@Instagram, DM for a wider display and contact.  

Ricardo Khayatte

Grounded in magical realism and inspired by a kind of visual diary, Chilean-born emerging artist Ricardo Khayatte is building a rather large body of work for himself in a very short period of time.  In just under two-years, Khayatte started his practice at home and is now painting out of Parker Street Studios in East Vancouver.  Painting every night after putting his daughter to sleep as a means to preserve his mental-health through the pandemic, he quickly realized that there was no better way to stay present and make steady inroads into his own reflections and personal journey than through painting.  Khayatte, known for his contribution to the folk music community through his band The Reckoners, couldn’t continue to tell stories through the medium of music and lyrics because the melancholy was killing him. “Every time I write a song, I dig into past memories that are painful to resurface. With painting, it’s so different. I feel a peace and joy I’ve never felt before.” From his struggles with identity to explorations of how traditional mores have affected him, Khayatte is no longer bound to his past. He is free to explore and that is exactly what he is doing. 

Katsumi Kimoto

My profound appreciation for abstract beauty is rooted in my upbringing along the Pacific west coast. Raised in the coastal community of Ucluelet, BC, I was immersed in the natural world, spending my days and nights on the beach, amidst the windblown trees, and within the rhythmic embrace of the ocean. This environment instilled in me a lasting fascination with the intricate and grand dimensions of nature's abstraction. Whether deciphering patterns on rocks, unraveling the beauty concealed in the forest, or contemplating the ever-changing sea, I developed a profound connection with the inherent artistry of the natural world. This fascination transcends specific subjects and serves as a guiding force in my artistry, compelling me to unveil the intrinsic beauty found within the interplay of paint—an elegance emblematic of the very essence of the medium itself. My professional artistic journey commenced with the attainment of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (with distinction) from Concordia University in Montreal, QC. Previous to that my art education was enriched by a Diploma in Visual Arts (with honors) from Kwantlen College in Surrey, BC. To complement my artistic pursuits and enhance my professional acumen, I completed a Senior Management Certificate in Business & New Media Design from BCIT in Burnaby, BC. After which I worked in the world of art galleries. As director, curator, gallery owner and artist, I thrived in the vibrant contemporary scene, often also moonlighting for private and corporate galleries, collectors, and events. My education, skill set and gallery experience equipped me for a multifaceted career in the arts, amplifying my capacity to explore and express the beauty of abstraction and nature through my work in a bold and yet insightful aesthetic. In a recent chapter, I made a life-changing choice to return to my hometown of Ucluelet, BC, following two decades in Vancouver. During my tenure in the city, I was deeply immersed in the art gallery scene, culminating in the ownership and operation of Kimoto Gallery until 2019. I mainly operate online nowadays, occasionally from my studio at 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver, but mostly make work in my studio on our family land in Ucluelet. I eagerly anticipate getting my hands dirty, forging a new path where I discover myself anew. Returning home after over two decades away, I sense my roots burrowing into familiar soil, reigniting the creativity of my childhood and formative years. I firmly believe that work should be a form of recreation, a fulfilling practice and labor of love. This journey has reaffirmed that true happiness is found in loving what you do and spending our days with those we hold closest.

Kari Kristensen

Biography Kari Kristensen is a contemporary Canadian artist living in Vancouver, BC. Born and raised in Dutton Ontario, Kari is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she studied Art History and Classical Studies. Both disciplines inform her work in equal measure, and she also credits her close proximity to the London Regionalism movement and the McMichael Gallery as major artistic influences. After moving to Vancouver Kristensen belonged to a printmaking collective on Granville Island prior to establishing her practice in the historic 1000 Parker Street building. Kristensen's work takes the familiar and exalts it, plays with it & makes it part of a new conversation. The natural environment is more advanced and beautiful than anything we can invent, and it’s this divine perfection her work celebrates. Statement Kari Kristensen’s work embraces disparate lines of Canadian and international art history, responding to both through new forms. Printmaking, in spite of sustained practice across geography and cultures, has a quiet platform in contemporary Western art. She seeks to reimagine the Canadian Landscape tradition and its persistence in her and our consciousness, most notably in her current series Imagined Landscape which includes both intricately cut linoleum prints as well as monoserigraphs. Harnessing lino printing’s even ink application, combined with the choice of a clean monochrome aesthetic, Kristensen fully embraces the limitations of the medium itself, only to defy them. Her mural work is an extension of the printwork—although using paint, the line work is very similar to the marks made with a gouge in linoleum. Just as the linoleum carved leaves an impression on the paper, similarly the mural leaves an impression of her respect for the landscape. Please note my studio has moved! You can now find me on the top floor of Parker Street Studios in studio 420.

Jo Ann Kronquist

My medium is black-and-white photography. After graduating from Emily Carr College of Art with a BFA in photography, I was gripped by the wanderlust. I worked as a photographers’ assistant in Los Angeles, a cruise ship photographer, and then back home to photograph weddings. However, my passion has always been towards the arts. Today my fine art photographs all have underlying political comments, some are playful or meditative, others haunting.

Jorma Kujala

Jorma Kujala’s interdisciplinary art practice includes painting, mixed media, collage, drawing, and soundwalking. His work is informed by the interchange between the social and the studio, and he researches networks of shared knowledge, identity, memory, and social interaction that emerge when culture, communication, and social forces intersect. His work also investigates perceptions of truth, repetition, re-creation and re-enactment, as well as the bodily interplay between the senses, the individual, and environments.

Klee Larsen

Klee Larsen is a Vancouver based visual artist, inspired by horizon lines in nature. Klee loves to combine old and new technologies by using film and then digitalizing the image. Working with film gives Klee her favourite end result of grain from high speed film and being able to work with a large negative. Painting has become a part of her practice and you can find her in her studio at 1000 Parker Street.

Eve Leader

Eve Leader works with oil paint on Mylar and combines figuration with abstraction. Her work ranges from small scale to very large scale works. It deals with the human condition. She is a graduate of the Emily Carr University.

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a Vancouver based photographer documenting the world around him, focusing his attention on nostalgic people, places, and things.

Shevy Levy

Shevy's abstract paintings look simple on the outside but they are more complex and dynamic on the inside. Her work is about what you don’t see, and it invites the viewer to create a meaning for the painting based on their personal experiences and memories - so they might experience them more fully in their own life. One of the most unique elements of Shevy’s abstracts is the use of mathematical formulas as part of the composition. This influence is coming back from her university degree in mathematics and fascination with exactness of shapes and formulas. Shevy’s work has been featured in the Saatchi Gallery and presented in a Digital format in London, England. She has also been exhibiting her art at numerous local shows. Shevy’s work has been acquired by a number of private collectors in North America and around the world.

Lola + Olive Designs

At Lola + Olive Designs we create unique and decorative one-of-a-kind pillows and quilts, as well as comfy, cozy flannel pyjamas and nightshirts for men and women. Our creations are designed at our Parker Street studio and hand sewn in Vancouver. Inspired by the colours, patterns and textures of fabrics found and collected, our quilts and pillows bring together vintage, repurposed and contemporary textiles, each with a story. Our quilts are functional - on the couch, on the floor, on the grass, for your lap, for your nap, on the bed or the stroller - they are versatile! Our colourful, vibrant pillows are unusual, eye-catching and one-of-a-kind, ranging from funky to elegant. Our flannel pjs and nightshirts are made from delicious soft cotton flannel, machine wash and dryable in playful and charming patterns. Our designs and fabrics are so happy, they’re sure to delight. Come visit us in person and online at Etsy and Instagram.

Louise Solecki Weir

Louise is an internationally recognized sculptor of portraits and figurative work. She is known for her expressive and sensitive approach.  She has created works commissioned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver and the British Columbia Law Courts.  She has been a finalist in portrait competitions in three countries and well as winning awards for Sculpture in Canada and the US.

Lawrence Lowe

Lawrence Lowe is always keeping his eyes open for objects he finds in natural settings. Their unique surfaces inspire creativity with his pen. The heart of Lawrence's work lies in the beauty of the detail he finds in the natural world. His ink drawings take shape in the grain of the wood, the shading and markings of a stretched hide or the lines running through a cross cut of an antler. All of the drums, elk & deer antler jewellery he creates have his detailed drawing on them. His drawings are on paper, wood & stone. He is also a printmaker doing relief printmaking from lino and wood blocks "I love to work my drawings into the surfaces and colours of the materials that I find. Hours spent with a pen or a carving tool take me inside myself where I find a focussed place of meditation, a place where I can create and be who I am.”

Sasha Lozaic

Sasha Lozaic, a Master of Fine Arts, lives and works in Vancouver. Sasha has been successfully exhibiting his large-scale artworks on the Vancouver Art Scene since 2008. He has been participating at Culture Crawls since 2011 and Parker Art Salon since 2016. Drawing on diverse aesthetic strategies and mediums, Sasha has produced a visual language that oscillates freely between personal memories and art history references. Although constantly reinventing himself, several aspects of Sasha’s practice remain consistent: his emphasis on the process, the contra-positioning of the material surface versus the illusory depth, as well as the indulgence in the effects of the material.

Doris MacDougall

I am a Vancouver based artist. My background is textiles, ceramics and fine art, having studied at Capilano College, and the historic Handcraft House in North Vancouver, as well as Botanical Drawing and Painting, floral design and some printmaking. I focus on botanical, nature and detail in my works. Over the past year my partner and I have closed down our furniture finishing Business Zebo Designs and moved up to the 3rd floor to a new studio. Studio #354. Do come and visit us just up the stairs from our old studio.  

Roger Mahler

My photography is an invitation to step into the beauty of our world. By stitching together multiple images, I create high-resolution panoramas that transport you to the heart of nature. These images capture not just landscapes, but the sensation of being there yourself. Through my work, I hope to inspire a deeper connection with our natural surroundings and encourage moments of pause to appreciate the world's wonders.

Helena Maizlin

Helena Maizlin is a figurative pastel and mixed media artist based in Vancouver. You are invited into her world of bright colors and whimsical characters! Elements from ancient Greek architecture, Caryatid sculptures and abstract flowers twist and twirl in Helena's current body of work adding romantic flair. Red dominates in most of her works, acting as a stimulant and bringing dynamism into her compositions. Liveliness and movement are the most important visual elements in Helena's works. Helena’s technique and visual approach are unique. She doesn’t limit herself to one particular medium and is always exploring how different methods can enhance the power of her ideas.

Anne Mann

Anne Mann creates her paintings using mixed media of oils, acrylic, ink, and beeswax. She finds inspiration on her mountain bike and trail runs through the Pacific Northwest Mountains, weaving together memories of colors in various shapes and sizes. She is influenced by the brushwork in Asian Sumi-e paintings, along being influenced by the bold splashes of color in graffiti street art. Anne studied fine art at the University of Nebraska; she transferred to the Academy of Art in Chicago where she earned her degree in Graphic Design. In 2009 she received a degree in Digital Design from Vancouver Film School. Her work is showcased and collected throughout the West.

Maria Heo

Maria Heo is a Vancouver based textile artist whose instinct for pigments and textures is poignantly reflected in her work. She was born and raised on a beautiful subtropical island, off of the Southernmost coast of South Korea. There, she drew inspiration from the lush natural landscape. She completed her Fine Arts Undergraduate Degree in Oil Painting and continued on with Textile Art for her Masters. When she crossed over to Canada in 2000, she was pleasantly reminded of her island’s rich, vibrant colours; the deep greens of forests, striking blues of lakes and far-reaching oceans. It was then her mixed media took its tangible shape. Galvanised by her exposure to nature’s best offerings, she has since created dozens of unforgettable collections. Her current Nature Collection boasts dynamic textures as well as ambrosial colours of B.C. Her work coalesces both Eastern and Western influences.  

Marisa Mary Myrah

Marisa Mary Myrah was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and studied Fine Arts at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, graduating in 1990. She completed a Post-Baccalaureate in Painting at the Cyprus College of Art in Paphos, Cyprus in 1994. She has had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad and was an Artist-in-Residence at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming, USA in 2000 and at the Fundación Valparaíso in Mojácar, Spain in 2002. She lives in North Vancouver B.C. with her husband, their two children and their two dogs.

Zshu-Zshu Mark

Zshu-Zshu Mark, a painter who exhibits in Canada and internationally has works in various private, public and corporate collections throughout Europe, England, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.  She is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of  Art & Design, Langara College (Vancouver) and the Schaeffer School of Design (San Francisco). She loves to share her joy of learning and painting through teaching.   During the last 27 years she has been teaching painting and drawing which included Continuing Studies programs at the University of British Columbia, Capilano University, Vancouver Academy of Art, Langara College and Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.  As well, Zshu-Zshu has ongoing workshops in her Vancouver studio for beginning and advanced students in watercolour or drawing. For 13 years she developed and taught intensive unique travel workshops in “Painting, Creativity & Experiencing” on islands in BC and Europe — including Corsica, France, as well as Tuscany and Umbria, Italy. 

Mark Bowen fine art

Mark Bowen is a multi-award winning nature/fine art photographer and mixed media painter. Mark has been nominated for Nature photographer of the year by Master Photographers Internationl and has a designation of Master Photographer in Fine art. Nature and sustainability are two themes in his work. Mark travels extensivly to photographically capture bears, whales, vanishing glaciers and our changing world. In recent years he has travelling to the Yukon, northern BC and Alaska. Mark paints in acylic and oil and typically adds resin coats and pouring medium. He also prints on facemounted acrylic and aluminum.

Carol Mayer

Carol E Mayer is a painter working mainly in acrylics.

Paddy Meade

Paddy explores the natural world with representational to abstraction works using acrylic, watercolour, mixed media and oil and cold wax. Sharing a deep respect and fascination with the natural world through painting. Capturing the emotions, tensions and wonder through the use of colour, texture, light. Self -taught and having benefited from workshops and guidance of several Canadian and international artists. Always learning, always experimenting, in my art.

Golya Mirderikvand

Based in Vancouver, BC, Golya Mirderikvand is a contemporary painter whose works mostly depict abstracted landscapes. She completed her Masters degree in Art Conservation from Queen’s University, with a specialization in the conservation and restoration of paintings. In addition to her art restoration skills, she has been painting for many years and has been involved in various creative endeavours, creating opportunities for the community to engage and benefit from art. She also has experience in curating exhibitions and working for creative organizations, some of which have included the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), Museum of Anthropology (Vancouver), Intermuseum Conservation Association (Cleveland, OH), and Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (Netherlands).

Lauren Moore

My name is Lauren, A being obsessed with the natural world. I grew up overseas in hot, sunny desert-like places, so when I first experienced the climate that is Vancouver, the vast mountains and rainforest residing next to the ocean, I instantly fell in love. In 2013, I arrived in Vancouver, just after being accepted to the Florida State University's BFA program. Although, coming to terms that I was giving up something quite promising in all likelihood, I took the chance to apply for enrolment at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. With the pursuit of a BFA in new found love of a destination, I was accepted into a new program, school, country and residence. In all honesty, I struggled during my time at Emily Carr. Finding myself dealing with a massive creative slump, it made my time there quite difficult. I opted to take some time off school until I could figure things out. In 2018, returning to complete my degree, I wasn't sure I would pursue painting as a career but all that changed once COVID hit. My partner and I jumped in the car and went on a 3 month road trip exploring British Columbia, Yukon and Alberta. Spending that time in Nature, rekindled my interest in painting again. Today, I am painting again and loving every minute of it. I am an abstract landscape artist. I primarily work with oil paint, however I enjoy pulling out the watercolours from time to time. I want to create art that draws people to the stillness I feel when I am bonding with earth. I want my work to fill others with the magic of nature.

Natalie Morissette

Natalie Morissette is a mixed-media and abstract painter originally from Montreal.  She moved to Vancouver in 1989 to begin a career in education.  In early 2000, Natalie and her partner Chris developed an interest for local buildings and houses.  To this day, Chris draws and Natalie paints using water colours.  Later, Natalie explored mixed-media and abstract while participating in a series of workshops led by Zohar Fiszbaun and Lisa Ochowycz. Natalie recently retired and is now spending more time in her studio located in the Parker Building she shares with a group of amazing artits.   Nature, students' art, travels and joy are elements fulling her art work. This will be her first participation in the Crawl.

mth woodworks

I make beautiful things with wood

Nima Nassefat

Designer and maker of wood furniture.

Nicholas Purcell Furniture

Considered by many as one of Vancouver’s most gifted furniture designer/makers, Nicholas’ dedication to his craft is evidenced in the high level of craftsmanship, exacting joinery and careful embellishments that adorn his work. Though he has worked in many different styles for clients over the years he is most drawn to a contemporary aesthetic and is most recently experimenting with new materials and techniques and pushing himself to explore more organic forms in his exhibition work. The main focus of Nicholas’ work is bespoke furniture for discerning clients and a very special collection of inspired designs available through select showrooms, galleries and exhibitions.

Sabrina Sachiko Niebler

Sachi is a weaver, thread maker, and natural dyer. Her specialty lies in the quiet and precise beauty of making kami-ito (paper thread) and fine shifu (paper cloth). The work centres around practice through process, and reflects intentional states of presence. A devotional and slow making pace creates pieces that are a reminder to slow down and appreciate the beauty in even a simple piece of cloth. During her undergrad at the Alberta University of the Arts, Sachi started weaving with printed paper as a way to imbed text, literally, into cloth. After having woven a portrait of her Obaachan, Sachi fell in love with weaving paper and it never stopped being a source of material pleasure and intrigue. It wasn’t until years later that she discovered the Japanese practice of creating paper thread and weaving it into cloth. This connected her to a part of her heritage in an unexpected way, and sparked a desire for deeper understanding. Since then, Sachi has been steadily practicing this method of creating with the help of many generous hands and minds. She deeply enjoys the slow process which has somehow always felt innate to her hands and material sensitivity.

Sylvia Oates

Sylvia Oates is a painter who loves the fluidity of watercolours and the versatility of oils. She loves walking in nature and interpreting her favourite places on paper and on canvas.

Ben Ostrander

At his Parker Street studio since 2009 Ben designs and builds one- off furniture pieces. After 30 years as an architect, he studied at Camosun College in their Fine Furniture Program. His designs are primarily based on a personal aesthetic that stresses structural economy, organic forms, and light humour. Mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and Japanese influences are often visible. Commissioned pieces, which make up about 40% of his work rely on a design brief developed jointly with each client. Primary materials are regional woods, often in combination with limited amounts of metal, glass, leather, and tropical woods. Finishes include: clear satin texture wood, bright analine dyes, and black. Studio visits are by appointment.

Jim Packer

Jim Packer is a painter who’s inspiration comes from juxtaposing the relationships we have to contemporary and historical icons

Hilary Paige

Hilary Paige is an alcohol ink & mixed media artist. She creates elegant abstract art known for its atmospheric colour palettes, ethereal luminosity and luscious texture. Weaved together these visions are reminiscent of prismatic light, flowers and feathers, celestial landscapes and portals to dream realms. Her art is often felt as heart-centered celebrations of beauty, paradox, and possibility. A facilitator and Expressive Arts Therapist, Hilary believes art has the ability to bridge everyday reality with the sacred. She helps people access the fullness of their creative expression to self-source healing through empowering intermodal processes within the arts. Her focus is in guiding women and rising artists. Hilary's mission is to be a way-shower in community at large. Leading people to remember the wellspring of wonder always residing within.

Jim Park

Jim Park`s artistic practice is intricately woven into the fabric of the local landscape. For Park, paint serves as a language through which the recollections of lived experiences intertwine with the vast possibilities offered by the canvas. His paintings act as tangible records of this fusion -a convergence of memory, perception, and emotional encounters. While Park draws inspiration from various sources such as photographs, sketches, and field notes, his creations bear a profound sensitivity to his connection with the dream state. His artistic vision manifests as a personal collage, where he not only represents but also invents and synthesizes, creating a captivating interplay between reality and imagination. In Park`s pieces, one can discern both the tangible elements sourced from photographs and the ethereal qualities drawn from the realm of dreams. This delicate equilibrium between spontaneity and meticulous attention in the final artwork mirrors Park's creative process. The underlying theme that runs through his work is the simplification of visual concepts, fostering a swift comprehension for immediate impact. Within Park`s thoughtful approach, this impact not only resonates instantaneously but also endures, showcasing a harmonious blend of spontaneity and contemplation in his artistic endeavors. Having completed his education at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now University), he has amassed a collection of work that is sought after and held in both public and private collections across North America.

Karen Lorena Parker

KAREN LORENA PARKER 1000 PARKER STREET STUDIOS Parker’s last crawl at 1000 Parker street, will showcase romantic paintings, are bold, with sci-fi, pop-culture, and political themes. A satiric play at poignant subject matter, she translates the divisive political outrage to engaging pulp fiction art. Examining corporate greed, refusing to innovate and respect life forms in Genetically Modified Flowers, or the fashion of American gun control, racism, and human rights in profiled by her female heroes are some personal themes. Our world altered, Parker examines our resolve of finding beauty in our human tragedy.  Dynamic paintings that hold the viewers attention long enough to engage in difficult conversations. Parker showcases her design background and film skills in a universal aesthetic that connects us all in emotional engaging work. Her love of fashion, eras and curated cinematics, movement, and nature are a visually confident,  dynamic, and boundless voice. Further, Parker’s capacity to excel in a wide range of aesthetic styles — from figurative to abstract, expressive to realism — is both astounding and inspiring. Challenged to read deeper and beyond the media, Parker is compelled to add to the visual library in a poignant way. Redefining the heroes' effect on  the environment inspires a sci-fi take on expressive flowers  or female heroes ready to face justice. She extrapolates society’s values, visualized in vintage rose-colored nostalgia or near-futuristic scenes in bold acrylic paintings and line drawings inorder to change the narrative. She removes the noble lies, to showcase vibrancy and attention to detail. Art Director for the Parker Art Salon, Marketing Director for Bit Happier Inc, Parker is an illustrator, VFX artist and digital marketer. Currently showing at ChaliRosso Gallery, Art Spectrum Miami 2021. BIOGRAPHY Austrian-Spanish, her parents lefts two wars of propaganda to live peacefully in Calgary Alberta. Parker recognized the challenges of being an artist, as her immigrant parents instilled the practicality of hard work. Curious and inspired by the world around her, Parker is a BFA graduate from interior design, graphic design, visual effects, fine art. Her experience in the design industry, notably illustrating the box of Lindt Chocolates for the Metoo Golden Globes awards, and credited on IMDB, influences her content and style as she engages her visual savvy audience. Currently residing in Vancouver Canada, her work is represented in North America and Asia.  

pat parsons

   My past work in the arts has been as an illustrator in science and medicine so, though I am comfortable in doing representational work, am now focusing on abstract. I am more excited with the abstract quality of the backgrounds in representational paintings than the subject itself. This has led to doing totally abstract work. Within this abstract area, I am drawn to do highly textural and mixed media works  -  am now experimenting with building a painting layer by layer using the varying translucent qualities of acrylics to advantage. I add line, use stencils, and attach magazine images throughout. This helps to create several themes within each painting and to achieve a multidimensional and rich aspect.  1970: graduated, U of Toronto with degree in Medical Illustration 1970– 1984:  employed as a medical illustrator and designer of 3-d medical exhibits, mostly at UBC, Vancouver, and also in Toronto and Quebec City. 1984- 2010:  raised a family and worked in areas other than painting, later developing a property business which incorporated design elements  2010 -2020: rented a studio and concentrated on learning to paint, deciding to focus on textured work with collage aspects (Mixed Media). 2020 - The Present!  Now am consumed with doing abstract painting and enjoy the excitement of creation on the canvas itself. I start with a vague notion of what I want to achieve and pay attention to letting it happen. More often than not, the original concept is left behind – or buried under layers of paint!  What a change from the controlling aspect of illustrating!   Fine Art Exhibitions: 1991 - Café Gallery Bleu: Salt Spring Island,  individual show:  water colour, oil pastel, on Kraft paper, 1992 -Jake’s Bistro, Duncan 1995 – present: Jericho Tennis Club: various showings since 1993 2009 - Studio Beluga: St Henri, Montreal, - part of a three person show : several acrylic mixed media on canvas. 2009 - Estuary:  St Henri, Montreal,  – individual show:  mixed media on Kraft paper 2010 - Art at Finn's Slough: Richmond Cultural Centre -Group Show: highly textured rendering of “Pink Bicycle” 2022  - Abstract # 05:   showing of abstract painting at Jericho Tennis Club, Vancouver 2022 – Solo Show “ Swimmers”:  Hearth Gallery, Bowen Island  


Susan Patterson is a Vancouver-based artist. She studied painting in Vancouver and Cardiff, Wales and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute of and Design in 1996. She has shown in galleries and participated in group shows in Canada and the United States. "My main area of interest is abstract painting. My paintings are informed by the myriad patterns and colours that occupy the world around us. I am fascinated by random patterns that cityscapes create, especially in the industrial parts of East Vancouver. I frequently use found wood and carve, draw and layer the surfaces. I love to re contextualize both urban and rural spaces using a vivid colour palate. I use free-form patterns of lines, circles, letters and numbers to create a unique visual language that allows for multiple interpretations. I am continually observing and documenting the world around me. My inspiration can be generated by almost anything."

Desiree Patterson

Desirée Patterson is a Canadian photographic artist currently living on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) nations, in Vancouver, BC. Her career began during a journey throughout nearly forty countries across four continents. As she documented her extensive travels, she repeatedly observed exhausted environments and impoverished situations. These experiences impacted Patterson deeply, they served as a catalyst inspiring the themes and direction of her art practice. Patterson’s artistic process consists of digital image capture and meticulous post manipulation of form, shape and orientation, turning disparate layers into unified compositions. From creating industrial landscapes that seamlessly interweave with the human form (Éveil, 2018) and composing mountainous landscapes that embody the idea of melting (Point de Fusion, 2018), to merging endangered glaciers with climate temperature data (Anomaly, 2020) and generating macrocosmic planets that depict the precarious impact of humans on nature (Anthropocene, 2019), her work captivates, challenges and inspires viewers. Key thematics in her work include sustainability, environmental issues, social justice and humanity’s dystopic relationship with nature. Patterson’s work has been presented in numerous solo exhibitions, as well as over forty group shows between Canada, the United States and England. She has completed monumental scale photographic public art installations for a number of commissions in Canada and her work is found in private and corporate collections in North America, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Patterson is also an activist and keenly aware of the impact that human behaviour bestows on Earth’s natural biosystems. In 2018 she trained with former Vice President Al Gore, in Los Angeles, in the role of civilian leadership as part of the Climate Reality Project, and in 2020, Patterson was a selected mentee in the International Centre of Art for Social Change, Futures/forward program, via SFU in partnership with Judith Marcuse Projects. Through visual art, the organization of public events, and by conducting community-engaged projects, Patterson feels that she can transcend societal barriers through the stimulation of curiosity and create opportunities that incite change.

Pilar Mehlis

I am a Vancouver based painter and sculptor who explores narratives through anthropomorphic forms. The universal human experience of moving across lands, and for the most part, unknowingly crossing paths with animal migrations peaks my curiosity. My body of work explores these intersections; Forms such as the AntroFish figure (half human, half fish) and the Ornithrope (half human, half bird) are examples of vessels, in mixed media I use to metaphorically explore the transformative effects of immigration. I moved from summer in La Paz, Bolivia to Whitehorse, Yukon at the age of twelve, in the middle of winter. This transformative event along with cyclical migrations between Bolivia and Canada continue to expand my perception and ideas around self, place, memory and belonging. I spent much of my youth between the two countries. I pursued studies in fine art in both places double majoring in Visual Arts and History of Art. In the early 2000’s I moved to Vancouver, B.C. and have been living and working as a full-time artist since. I have had wonderful mentors who have influenced my work in Vancouver and Seattle, WA. A key element in my life is that I grew up Catholic. During the lonely years of separation from my family while still young; I found my faith to be the source of strength and consolation. Catholicism has also provided me with a rich resource of reading and visual materials that in one form or another have manifested in my work. I believe that my work is an extension of my life and faith experiences, however weak or strong the latter may be at one time or another. There is no separation between the two as to distinguish one would diminish the other.

Lori Popadiuk

Lori's work over the last couple years has evolved from only B&W to the use of bright, beautiful & bold colours. She uses spontaneity and emotion to evoke vivid movements playfully morphing from bright colours into curious shapes. This kaleidoscopic imagery allows the viewer to spend countless moments imagining what they might see. It's this endless inquiry into what might be that gives Lori the inspiration to continue making visually stunning original abstract paintings.

Friederike Rahn

Fredi Rahn is a potter, making tableware from porcelain and stoneware. Her work is hand built and wheel thrown, and fired in both gas reduction and wood. Fredi's work has been exhibited across Canada and the US.

Norman Rich

Norman Rich is a bird and wildlife photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. “In the presence of nature, I act as one who belongs, establishing a sense of mutual trust. Remembering that animals are individuals helps me focus on the details. In seeking to elevate the quality of my photography, I elevate the process. Well realized images arrive through patience and commitment, and grace in the moment.”

Robin Ripley

Using a variety of mediums  my work draws attention to the often overlooked. Our interrelationship  with the familiar things  that surround us has been a recurring theme in my art, blurring the boundaries between art and life and nudging the viewer to consider new meanings and materials. I exhibit regularly and have been involved in a number of collaborative and community based art projects.

Robbie Vergara Screenprinting

RV Screenprinting started in 2010 as a creative outlet for Vancouver based textile artist Robbie Vergara. Robbie designs his surreal and "punny" images using combinations of new and vintage stylised drawings. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Max Ernst, Terry Gilliam, Andy Warhol and his love of music and film, Robbie creates uniquely original prints for every taste. Every print is individually and lovingly hand-pulled in East Vancouver, BC. We use water based non-toxic inks on top quality North American made garments. This will be Robbie's 14th Culture Crawl.

Clinton Robertson

Clint Robertson is a Vancouver based painter and printmaker.  He is a graduate of the Visual Art Department of the University of Victoria ('93) and has spent the last 25 years teaching secondary art.  Clint's work explores the space between abstraction and realism in the depiction of urban landscapes.

Rojia Dadashzadeh

Bio Rojia Dadashzadeh is an Iranian/Canadian artist (b. 1977, Tehran, Iran) who has a studio-based practice in Vancouver, B.C. Dadashzadeh teaches an IB visual and culinary arts program at Brockton School in North Vancouver. She holds an honours degree in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo, a postgraduate degree in New Media Design from Sheridan, Le Grand Diplome in cuisine and pastry from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, Bachelor of Education and Masters of Art in Art Education from UBC. Dadashzadeh’s work has been published in various media outlets such as Preview magazine, Vancouver Sun, Ellele and Georgia Straight and The City Without Art? Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Toronto, Portland, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Artist Statement I am an Iranian/Canadian artist (b. 1977, Tehran, Iran) who has a studio-based practice in Vancouver, B.C. I work across a range of media in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and collage. My practice draws upon multiple approaches from miniature to life size, allowing micro and macro visions to inform each other. Miniature pieces are a blueprint for the larger works, while those on a larger scale contain the intricacies found in the smaller pieces. This interaction between forms and scales creates a dialogue, suggesting a shared world and a multitude of perspectives. I work through a reductive-like process in which I construct multiple small and abstracted parts, made playfully with a diverse range of materials, and surfaces. They are then assembled or composed together to form elaborate and more complex compositions and structures that elicit delight. My practice honours imagination as the prevailing human force that accompanies us in difficult times and leads us towards joy and hope. The playful rearrangements of abstracted parts tend to defy easy categorization and representation while revealing a story about both singular form and the whole.

Erin Elizabeth Ross

Erin Elizabeth Ross is a prolific career painter with studios in both Edmonton AB and Vancouver BC.  She holds a BFA from the University of Alberta, and studied Visual Communication and Design at Medicine Hat College. She also participated in a self lead painting residency in Cape Town, SA betweeen 2016-2017. Her work has been represented in commercial galleries since 2008, and sits in multiple private and public collections. Along with her commercial representation, Ross has had work in shows at the Art Gallery of Alberta, Latitude 53 contemporary Art Gallery, Harcourt house, the Art Gallery of St. Albert, and a public art piece for the city of Edmonton. She has received an Urban Design Award of excellence for her LivingBridge Project. While most known for her distinct approach to prairie landscape, Ross works in three defined genres; landscape, fire and floral. Heavily influenced by her surroundings and the natural world, Ross plans to shift, explore and expand all three genres with her recent relocation to Vancouver.

Monika Sanft

Monika Sanft is a Vancouver-based artist whose work moves from realism to abstraction and back. She loves the play of these various techniques that express a wide range of moods and feelings. While it is in her nature to be detail-oriented, she also enjoys painting more freely. When not painting, she is an avid photographer who enjoys capturing urban and natural landscapes that nurture and feed the soul. Since 2000, Monika has taken coursework at Malaspina and Duranleau Printmaking Studios, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and The Vancouver Academy of Art where she pursued her interest in both classical drawing, painting, and mixed media. In 2021 she obtained Active Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Terry Sawatzky

Terry Sawatzky is a sculptor whose work is frequently kinetic, and sometimes incorporates sound or lights. Recently, he has been investigating using a hammer and anvil to form steel parts recycled from a previous sculpture ("Slither" 1997) . These parts, combined with HDPE, wood, copper and various hardware were the basis for a few unique kinetic pieces. Most recently these steel cones have been fused with two earlier series -"Urban Pruning" and "Handheld Devices" to create "The Magic Stick Series". This Series strips away the movement and noise to yield a simple, almost Minimal, juxtaposition of Hammered Steel and Carved Wood. 

Angela Seear

Angela Seear is a contemporary landscape  painter based at Parker Studios in Vancouver. Focusing mainly on landscapes, she creates emotive scenes through the use of color and layering. Angela is inspired by color and how certain combinations create different moods. We all have reactions and relationships to color and she strives to bring greater meaning into her work by exploring these combinations and the feelings they produce. Straddling the line between abstraction, expressionism and realism, her work allows the viewer to be drawn into all aspects of the subject. Born in the UK but raised in many different countries, she brings her many views of the world into her painting. Her work focuses on landscapes, abstracts and nudes.

Theresa Sheridan

Theresa is a co-owner of Toso Wood Works and is using her passion for art and crafting to design wood jewelry, lamps and lampshades.  She has over 25 years' experience as a draftsperson and map maker in the mining and environmental industries and has always been a "maker".

Michael Soltis

Michael Soltis is an American/Canadian mixed media artist and designer. He has a Master’s degree in Education, has worked in the business and non-profit sector as a high level manager, and was a film and television actor for several years. His work has been shown in several galleries throughout North America and been featured in Canadian House & Home,, Anthology Magazine, The Artist Catalogue, the Vancouver TED Conference, Comic Con in Vancouver as well as several contemporary art blogs and articles. He is the recipient of awards from both the Society of Canadian Artists and the Canadian Federation of Artists and his paintings are held in corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. ARTIST STATEMENT Letters, numbers and images are used to visually communicate a thought or idea and are then arranged into a specific order so that others are able to "decode" the message. In my work I use letters, numbers and images in non-traditional ways and incorporate color, lines and various mixed media elements to build structure and draw out themes and ideas that connect us to past experiences or memories. The goal is not only to showcase the beauty inherent in the elements themselves, but also to engage both the logical side of the brain, which wants to decode the message and the creative side, which desires to find its own unique experience.

Sonya Iwasiuk

This year I am showing a variety of beautiful Mixed Media Paintings from three different series, Voices from Within, Beautiful Yesterday and You Are My Home. I will also be discounting older works to make room for new ones! Don't miss out!

Claire Sower

Inspired by the light and landscapes of Monet and Cathelin and other contemporary west coast artists, the main intent of Claire's work is to see beyond literal interpretations. Using color to evoke emotion, she works with bold, thickly applied paint using brushes and non-traditional tools, to create new stories that sit somewhere between expressionism, impressionism and post-impressionism. She is known for her expressionist, impasto florals and vivid landscapes. Claire's work is held in the VGH+UBC Foundation and in private collections in Canada, the United States and Great Britain, and in 2020, she was featured as an Artist to Collect in Arabella Magazine. Her studio is in the iconic 1000 Parker Street Studios in East Vancouver and she is a regular participant in the East Side Culture Crawl.

Dominique St Jean

Dominique St Jean is a self-taught abstract artist who uses acrylic paint & mixed media. Dominique uses painting to process chaos and emotion. Painting induces a flow state and utilizes the creation process as a healing tool. The painting and subject reveals itself through the artistic process. With a busy, chaotic, overthinking mind, art allows a sense of peace and creates a constructive outlet. Dominique transmutes the chaos and unpredictability of life through the creative process .

Amy Stewart

Vancouver-based artist Amy Stewart has been drawn to the interconnections of art, play and nature since her childhood in 108-Mile House, British Columbia, where she spent most of her time outdoors. That first northern home continues to dominate much of Amy’s current artistic world. The memories of childhood and nature shape her adult imagination, and they are reflected in her paintings’ rich textures and vibrant tones. Her pieces are often inspired by the feelings that come both from the natural world and from engaging fully in her community and with her loved ones. “I paint how I feel and who I am,” Stewart explains. And that sense of humanity—the private experiences of suffering and celebration—are evoked by her canvases’ unique explorations of colour, which range from exuberant bursts of brightness to contemplative reflections on darkness. A constant passion, painting became more central to Amy’s life during her years of working with at-risk youth. She began producing her own art as a means of processing the sad experiences she witnessed professionally. Inspired by her artist grandmother, who taught Amy watercolour and a range of stylistic techniques, Amy is an observer of her environment. Interested in how anxiety, depression and happiness impact our lives, her art transforms good and bad life experiences into colours and shapes. Amy expresses herself through painting, creating art as a mode of personal discovery.

Suzy Baker Design

Suzy Baker is a multi media artist known for Public Art Works and since 2013, at 450 Parker Studios. Hundreds of visitors met me during the Eastside Culture Crawls of 2013 to 2020 and discovered the world of Colour and Textures at 450 Parker on the top floor. Having produced wearable art in Istanbul and Powell Street, I’ve returned to drawing and painting, my first loves.  Then COVID chased us all home and closed the studios to the public. With the careful behaviours of 2022, we are welcoming guests to visit our studios and see what cocooning and the solitary life has meant for the artists among us. My recent work is very sunny. It represents what makes me happy: colour and sunshine and the faces of old friends.      

Laurel Swenson

Laurel Swenson is an abstract painter. She creates large and small abstract paintings and delightful drawings. In Laurel's words: "My paintings emerge over time with layers of paint, texture, marks, and colour in a call-and-response-like dynamic. The marks are laid down with a variety of custom-made tools, and they call for a response in the form of the next action. Each stroke of the brush or pull of the knife informs and provokes the next mark. My paintings are an expression of the struggle of this process. My work is informed by themes of transition, struggle, learning and growth. The process of painting mirrors life. The peaks and valleys of life’s emotional rollercoaster can be both exhilarating and disheartening. When I hit an obstacle in the process of creating a painting, it is always a message — and I realize that I need to change my approach. As in life, the obstacle is the message … and the door to further growth. PS. My titles are an important element to my work — they expand the meaning of each piece with an additional layer. Be sure to read them! Life will inevitably present many struggles to each of us — it is a part of being a human being — but these struggles are pathways to transition and growth. I celebrate the value of the big and small struggles in our lives." Laurel is a painter and Registered Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver, Canada.

Carla Tak

“I’d rather explore my work than explain it but I acknowledge that the impulse behind each piece is the result of personal experiences and struggles as they are intimately felt in my subconscious. I’ve learned to trust my instincts and feel my way forward. When I paint, I move in a rhythmic manner and let my palette knife, colour choices and abstracted shapes flow intuitively. The act of gestural mark-making is a visceral and instinctive form of self-awareness that is more about perseverance and revelation than perfection. I like to fight with my work - to go at my surfaces rough and hard without fear or doubt. Even the pleasure found  in the work results from a thorough shaking down of whatever is inside me when I’m painting that day.  It’s a challenging adventure to manifest something concrete from a feeling or memory or to render experience in plastic form. It requires listening to my inner voice and surrendering to instinct.  And then once a painting is complete, I feel that experience close off for me but I hope it remains open for others to find what they want in it.” ~ Carla Tak

Pauline Tang

Pauline Tang is an artist with a focus on pen and ink drawings. Art grants me the freedom to create my own whimsical world—sprinkled with a dash of mischief and the unexpected. I welcome anyone to come in hoping they will leave with a smile. The vibrant energy of creatures found in nature, be it animals, sea critters, insects, and even enchanted fairies and gnomes, serves as my source of inspiration. The tactile nature of creating art by hand captivates me. Beginning with graphite sketches, I breathe life into my characters through the use of pen and ink, complemented by splashes of watercolor or acrylics. Sometimes, my pen and ink illustrations acquire a three-dimensional quality as I intricately layer my illustrations, as well as intertwine them with materials like fabrics, scrapbook papers, and modeling clay. This combination instills an added sense of wonder into my creations. Intrigued by the traditional art form of printmaking, I am also exploring the Gocco screen printing technique to craft handmade prints. I love that each print is one of a kind, which makes it extra special.

Ann Thinghuus

Ann creates balanced tension through the abstract blending of colours and hues to evoke deep emotional reactions from the observer. Her paintings become a common ground for the artist’s expression and the audience’s perception of independent emotional states; the creator and viewer meet on the canvas to collaboratively experience individual thoughts and perceptions.

Francis Tiffany

Francis Tiffany is a multi award-winning visual artist, represented in the UK Public Collection, as well as in international private collections. As a painter trained in last days of English traditional art education, he gained a thorough grounding in anatomy, life-drawing, studio operation and artistic craft. Such knowledge and skills, alongside a deep intimacy with the centuries-old English tradition of portrait and landscape painting, have strongly influenced his outlook, perception and approach to artistic practice.

Tiffany de la Llave

Tiffany is a Canadian Mixed Media artist who draws her creative inspiration from well-worn & old-world textural facades. Her creative journey in the past 15 years has been composed of studies in interior design, photography & art. Half French & half Mexican, Tiffany's unique story is to tell one of multicultural beauty. Inspired by nature's effects on materials, Tiffany has created a unique art style. She aspires to bring timeless, textural charm to homes with her custom creations. All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind made on Canadian birch panels. While most of Tiffany's work is commissioned-based, you can also find her pieces for sale at The Cross Decor & Design in Yaletown, Vancouver.

Michal Tkachenko

Michal Tkachenko is a Canadian/British visual artist based in both Canada and the United Kingdom. Michal received her MA Fine Arts from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States, Africa and Europe and can be found in a number of collections including Ernst & Young (UK) and The Artists' Special Book Collection at the University of the Arts London (Chelsea College Library) in London (UK). Tkachenko has adventured extensively from working on a hospital ship in Liberia to riding a dromedary into the Sahara dessert and sleeping in a Berber tent. From working in Haiti as a teenager running a pharmacy to touring Western Canada with Cirque du Soleil as a chef.

TOODLEBUNNY - Handmade Jewellery

--------------- Jewelry TOODLEBUNNY Designs is a unique handcrafted jewellery collection by Vancouver based designer Trudy Wynans. Launched in the spring of 2006, TOODLEBUNNY Designs is an imaginative jewellery collection with feminine yet edgy pieces. Clean lines and bold simplicity are combined with whimsical charms creating modern adornments. The pieces vary from being simple and pretty to ones that are a bit more rock n’ roll…something for every woman. ‐-------------- Textiles My textile line Deluxe Kitsch is comprised of upcycled textiles and reworked clothing launched in the  fall of 2022.  I will have pillows and reworked denim jackets ftom this line available at my studio during the culture crawl. Bright and colorful pomtastic pillows with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern textiles. Handpicked vintage and/or upcycled fabrics and tapestries are individually combined with coordinating decorative accents – pompoms, trims and tassels. Styles range from mid-century modern, and retro 60's to 90s era colorful prints and patterns. Find more on Instagram @deluxe_kitsch

Toso Wood Works

Jesse is a wood artist and award winning chainsaw carver. He recently appeared on Discovery Channel's reality TV series "A Cut Above". He has produced art in one form or another all his life whether painting, drawing, sculpture or photography. In the past decade he has focused his artistic passion on wood sculpture. Years of cutting and shaping wood have led him to a deeper understanding of its characteristics and versatility.  

Holly Truchan

Art possesses a remarkable capacity to heal the human spirit and foster emotional well-being. Working for 24 years as a respiratory therapist, I interacted with patients who were terminally ill and they taught me to find joy in the little things. Starting my first series of paintings during the pandemic was cathartic for me and today my art practice is an integral part of my life that helps me find the moments of delight in the challenges of life. While I am not focusing on a single genre in my practice, my collections are all unified by a similar colour pallet, using purples, pinks and blues, and a desire to produce colourful and whimsical work that takes the viewer on a journey of self-discovery. I started my search for a signature style by working on my “Wandering” series and creating joyful, spiritual and expressive abstracts. In 2022, my father suddenly fell ill and with all the stress and grief, I was continually drawn to nature where I found peace and breathing space. I started producing abstracted landscapes and visualizing the strength of tree stumps that were giving new life as they died leaving the beautiful legacy behind to those who continue on. I use acrylics and mediums to create thick layers and make them transparent for the viewer to see what is underneath and in between. These hidden layers mirror life and the multitude of experiences we go through and a need to see beyond the surface and deep inside ourselves and each other. My creative process is very intuitive and I let my instincts guide the process. I hope my art will serve as a grounding point and a guiding light for the viewer during the darkest and most joyful moments in their lives!

David Tycho

David Tycho is an expressionist painter, photographer and digital media artist whose art explores themes ranging from pristine wilderness to urban sprawl, to the people he encounters in his daily life. David was born in Vancouver and attended the University of British Columbia, where he studied painting under renowned Canadian artist Gordon Smith. After graduating, David moved to Asia for four years, an experience which had a deep and lasting effect on his art. For the past 30 years, David’s art has straddled the genres of abstraction and representation, at times more experimental and intuitive and at other times more reflective of his surroundings. Although primarily a painter, Tycho began working with photography and digital media in 2020, resulting in digital composite photo images printed on aluminum. David has exhibited his work in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Geneva, Brussels, Zurich, Singapore and Manila, and his paintings and prints are collected worldwide. He and his work have been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and he is often interviewed for podcasts, radio and television.

Umbra & Lux

Umbra & Lux creates unique illuminated sculptures that are as much art pieces as functional light sources. The studio was born in Vancouver, British Columbia at the iconic 1000 Parker Street Studios when two passionate minds with a strong love for art, design & the environment joined their respective strengths. A shared aesthetic vision brought them to leverage sophisticated materials to build featherweight and environmentally friendly mobile light art pieces that seem to float on air. Co-founder: Claudine Gevry is a visual artist who passionately explores various mediums. As she masters new disciplines, the synergy it creates brings her unending threads of ideas to expand upon. Claudine is in charge of design; her lyrical side effortlessly brings spectators into her own dream world.

Upholstery Couture

Behind every piece of pre loved, antique, mid century modern or contemporary furniture is a story waiting to be revealed. As furniture makeover specialists, w offer services in fine re upholstery, textile sourcing, unique soft furnishings and leather work. 'Blank Canvas Vintage' and other hand crafts explorations to debut at this years 2023 Crawl. ​"We believe our living spaces can lift and inspire us, symbolizing our individuality and values through the objects we surround ourselves with. They can impact our wellness and creativity, contributing to a deeper connection to our surroundings, feeling familiar yet renewed".

Patti Wall

Patti is a painter, ceramicist and fabric artist exploring where art meets mindfulness. Her Zen Pups are intricately designed bite-sized ceramic sculptures of canine figurines striking unique yoga poses. Colour, pattern and meticulous detailing of her fabric quilts and handcrafted Raku  lamps radiate mindful creation.

Jasmine Wallace

Jasmine Wallace was born in Prince George, BC, she comes from a family of self-taught artists and grew up surrounded by the artist community on Vancouver Island. She has a diverse studio practice which includes painting, sculpture and ceramics. Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota. She has exhibited her work extensively in Canada and the United States.

Rose L. Williams

My own Photos ground my Paintings & Prints in the Natural world. My earliest memory is of my Science Teacher Dad pricking my finger, smearing the blood on a glass slide and lifting me up to look at it moving through the lens of a microscope. The second is of us dissecting a frog my brother and I had caught together at age 3 and I became hooked on the study of natural science/flora and fauna and chemistry early on. I  borrowed the family camera at age 11 to go wandering through my Montreal neighbourhood trying to capture the feeling the Fall colours on the trees gave me and at age 16, I won an art competition for the school board logo and the Fine Arts award upon graduation. Photography and drawing have been the foundation of my creative pursuits along with a love for Printmaking developed during Art school days.  When I was a sick kid, I felt the need to paint my dreams and I would wake at night to pull the dresser from the wall and paint upon the side just to slide it back in before anyone awoke. Painting my emotions out became a refuge and I studied Expressive Arts Therapy as a way to enable myself to help others find a sanctuary through creative activity too. I continue to explore my environment, wandering through the neighbourhood taking photos of whatever strikes my eye. As I do so, I also collect the fallen leaves and Lichens from the surrounding flora to transform into my artistic medium in Botanical printing. My work combines this tradition of Guy Debord’s Derive and Psychogeography and Edmund Husserl’s concept of  phenomenology into my own unique take on our relationship with environment, creativity and human healing.

David Wilson

David Wilson, a Canadian artist who calls Vancouver home, has honed his artistic craft through a blend of self-directed pursuits and occasional studies at Emily Carr University. His creative journey is deeply influenced by the expansive and expressive styles of painters like Cy Twombly, Anselm Kiefer, Edward Hopper, and Cecily Brown. Rooted in the often rain-soaked Pacific Northwest, Wilson's artistic body of work explores the concept of time through his evocative depictions of urban landscapes drenched in rain, as well as his monochromatic interpretations of people, places, and objects. With a career spanning over 25 years, Wilson has actively participated in more than 25 solo exhibitions, alongside numerous group showcases and philanthropic presentations of his art. His well of creativity is consistently replenished by his adventurous journeys to various locales, particularly urban centres, where he eagerly seeks out fresh encounters and sources of inspiration. Wilson's artistic signature is marked by bold, sweeping brush strokes that pulse with vitality, creating a tangible sense of movement and energy on his canvases. Often working on a grand scale, he invites viewers to fully immerse themselves in his vividly coloured compositions. In his monochromatic works, Wilson skillfully employs subtle variations in tone and texture to evoke depth and nuance. Through his art, he adeptly captures fleeting moments of beauty and emotion in the world, encouraging viewers to pause and reflect on the relentless passage of time and the profound impact of memory. Navigating the urban landscape and portraying ordinary yet emotionally charged objects and scenes, Wilson serves as a poignant reminder of art's enduring ability to unveil the multifaceted beauty and complexity of our lived world.

Corrinne Wolcoski

West Coast Landscapes have inspired this artist for the past few decades. Travelling to incredible destinations has brought an infinite source of inspiration to her. Painting began in her early childhood and has always been intricately ingrained into her life. After completing a BFA at Emily Carr in 2003 she has been a professional artist represented in several art galleries and collected internationally.

Kenny Wu

A person with too many hobbies who happens to like oil painting. Come say hello at Studio 218 in Parker street studios

Kathryn Youngs

Kathryn Youngs has been a practicing ceramic artist and member of the Crawl since the 1980s. After a decade long hiatus, I have returned with new work growing out of an experiments made in 1990. Returning to a path not taken, these pieces are exploring the freedom from gravity and the grace of gesture objects enjoy in 2 D representation, now manifested in forms torn from slabs of clay. It is also my pleasure to hold a retrospective of works from my past, showcasing the explorations of vessel forms influenced by my training in 20th century art movements and my eternal love of Norman McLaren's "Pas de deux'. I am looking forward to sharing with old friends and new.    

Rok Yu

Rok is a Korean-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University in 2008. He works primarily in oil and acrylic and the body of work that he has been developing deals with exploration into both contemporary portraiture and old masters.