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Rose L. Williams

  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Textile
My own Photos ground my Paintings & Prints in the Natural world. My earliest memory is of my Science Teacher Dad pricking my finger, smearing the blood on a glass slide and lifting me up to look at it moving through the lens of a microscope. The second is of us dissecting a frog my brother and I had caught together at age 3 and I became hooked on the study of natural science/flora and fauna and chemistry early on. I  borrowed the family camera at age 11 to go wandering through my Montreal neighbourhood trying to capture the feeling the Fall colours on the trees gave me and at age 16, I won an art competition for the school board logo and the Fine Arts award upon graduation. Photography and drawing have been the foundation of my creative pursuits along with a love for Printmaking developed during Art school days.  When I was a sick kid, I felt the need to paint my dreams and I would wake at night to pull the dresser from the wall and paint upon the side just to slide it back in before anyone awoke. Painting my emotions out became a refuge and I studied Expressive Arts Therapy as a way to enable myself to help others find a sanctuary through creative activity too. I continue to explore my environment, wandering through the neighbourhood taking photos of whatever strikes my eye. As I do so, I also collect the fallen leaves and Lichens from the surrounding flora to transform into my artistic medium in Botanical printing. My work combines this tradition of Guy Debord’s Derive and Psychogeography and Edmund Husserl’s concept of  phenomenology into my own unique take on our relationship with environment, creativity and human healing.
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