Clay, Sculpture

Solecki Weir, Louise

About the artist
Louise is a Vancouver born and internationally trained clay and bronze sculptor who is particularly drawn to figurative sculpture. In addition to her creative practice, she has sculpted portraits commissioned by the Catholic Archdiocese and the Vancouver Law Courts. She has placed as a finalist in the American Portrait Society’s International and Members-Only competitions. She has been recognized by the Canadian Portrait Society. "For me, clay and bronze have delightful expressive possibilities. I have enjoyed sculpting subjects ranging from popes to street people, grandparents to babies. In addition to my fine arts training, I have a background in classical ballet, vocal performance, and art therapy. These skills contribute to my ability to express the gaze, the gesture, and the essence of my sitters and imaginary sculptures. I have also undertaken studies in forensic reconstruction in order to be of assistance to my community".
Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #410