Clay, Jewellery, Mixed Media

eikcam ceramics by grace lee

About the artist
e i k c a m c e r a m i c s IS A HOME DECOR COLLECTION DESIGNED AND HANDMADE BY VANCOUVER ARTIST/DESIGNER, GRACE LEE. MOST OF GRACE'S WORK LENDS A SENSE OF NATURALNESS AND WHIMSY AND SERVE AS FUNCTIONAL PIECES FOR THE TABLE OR HOME. THE ARTIST'S APPROACH TO DESIGN REMAINS A KIND OF LAYERED SIMPLICITY. SHE OFTEN COMBINES DIFFERENT TEXTURES WITH HUES AND COLORS TO COMPLEMENT THE FORM, SHAPE AND FUNCTIONALITY OF THE PIECE. After completing studies in ceramics and an Industrial Design degree from Emily Carr, Grace began to work as a visual stylist, art director and tableware designer. After 7 years in the corporate realm, grace returned to her true love of working with her hands and in 2008, eikcam ceramics was established.
Map Code: D5
975 Vernon Dr
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Upstairs - studio #265