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Sorour Abdollahi

Sorour Abdollahi’s works deal with capturing societal change as reflected in the urban environment in relation to one’s internal landscape. She explores themes of continuous transformation and displacement of spaces, as experienced by individuals and communities, depicted through fading and emerging landscapes. The work also reflects personal memory of place and depictions of internal landscape, where she draws upon her own lived experience as an immigrant artist practicing in East Vancouver, coping with the changing environment of her past and present. Her works can be found in private and public collections in Canada, USA, UK, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and in the Art Rental and Sales Program of the Associates of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  

Joanne Andrighetti

Joanne Andrighetti is a glass artist, fabricator and educator who has been working in glass for 40 years. A graduate of Sheridan College’s Crafts and Design program, she operated a hot shop in Vancouver, has taught glassblowing and flameworking,  been a teaching assistant at the Pilchuck Glass School,  and a juror for the Canada Council for the Arts.  She is a founding member of Terminal City Glass Co-op in Vancouver, BC.


Anyuta’s specialty is multimedia and multi-scale sculpture and painting.

Cathy Beaumont

Cathy Beaumont is a glass beadmaker and jewellery designer whose work is inspired by the clean lines and organic shapes of Modern design. Every piece must function optimally as well as enhance the human environment in which it is placed. There is nothing extra in her designs — just clear, saturated colour in a streamlined form that invites the light.

Bronsino Designs

Denise Wilson is a Vancouver based maker and designer of leather bags belts and accessories. Denise’s interest in working with reclaimed and recycled materials began while going to art school in the late 80’s and early 90’s. For many years she had made her own hand bound sketchbooks from off cuts of printmaker’s paper and discarded leather from a furniture factory. This was the beginning of the path that would later lead to her producing the line of handbags, belts and accessories that she is now known for. Her leather work is available through select boutiques in British Columbia as well as through her own studio in East Vancouver. The Bronsino line pays homage to the 16th century Florentine artist Agnolo Bronzino and her husband’s family home on Bronsino Street in Lima, Peru.    

Clay Addiction Pottery

Cheryl Stapleton's focus is on atmospheric firings in a Soda or a Wood kiln. She likes the variations that happen and all the surprises that appear!

Julie Coster

Julie has been exploring glass as a medium for 10 years.  She works out of Terminal City Glass Co-op where she also teaches.


Heather Dahl founded Dahlhaus Studio in 2007 to bring her ceramic and painting practice under one roof, creating numerous collections to be cherished and used in the home. For many years under Dahlhaus Studios, Heather has made both one of a kind work and also produced multiples of her most popular designs for brands like Anthropologie, Nordstroms, West Elm and the Bay. Several years of working with smaller retailers (Walrus, Nineteen Ten Home, Room6 etc) was an effort to support fellow female-led businesses and smaller independent shops that had curated collections of local brands and makers. The past 2 years has brought about a creative shift, with a focus on more one of a kind work and paintings. At the start of the year, Heather launched a new website to bring to light all the many side-projects she had been working on. Heather Dahl Studio is an art practice, devoted to experimentation, innovation, research projects, custom work as well as paintings.

Sherry Dina

Sherry Dina is a potter who enjoys the freedom clay provides her to create through the different processes of wheel throwing, hand building and sculpture. She has grown up in the lower mainland and worked all her life as a caregiver of children, seniors and special needs. She didn’t find her love of pottery until she took a class a few years ago to relieve the stress of her busy life. “I was amazed at how the throwing process calmed and centred me and I fell in love with pottery immediately.” As a mother and grandmother, Sherry finds inspiration in the lives and interests of her family and the beauty of everything around her. “I love making practical things that will bring everyday joy to those who use them.”

Donald's Innovations and Repairs

Donald Dawson is a restorer, fabricator, blacksmith, metal artist and teacher whose motto is "let's get rid of our throwaway society." Donald creates art from metal treasures - family heirlooms, vintage and heritage pieces and teaches fabrication and welding to people 6 to 90+ years old. For 22 years as an Electrical Engineering Technician at UBC in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Donald worked on research projects and taught faculty and students. He is a certified Red Seal Journeyman, trained in machining, blacksmithing, architectural model building, theatre props building, cabinet-making, and restoring the heritage steam towboat "SS Master."  

Dougherty Glassworks

About Dougherty Glassworks For the Love of Glass  At Dougherty Glassworks we make glass art and functional objects to make you feel something. Simple and timeless, yet unafraid to make a statement, our glassware is an expression of our love of the craft. Every piece of glass is mouth-blown and hand-molded in our studio in East Vancouver. Our Designs Rooted in the North American glass movement of the 1960s, our collection is inspired by midcentury modern design. With clean lines, subtle textures and a nostalgic feel, our designs are right at home in modern and contemporary interiors.  We strive for exceptional consistency while celebrating the subtle imperfections that make handcrafted glass so unique. Distinctive forms and complementary colours allow our glassware to mix and match seamlessly, so you can start with a favourite piece and build your collection over time. Surprisingly substantial, yet light and delicate, each piece is meant to be used and loved for years to come.   Cameron Dougherty Meet Cameron, the artist, founder and namesake behind Dougherty Glassworks.    Cameron’s obsession with glass began the moment he first gathered glass on the end of a rod. Since 2007 he’s been honing his craft, beginning his formal education at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, followed by a 5-year apprenticeship in California, and stints in studios up and down the west coast.   In 2017, Cameron moved to Vancouver, BC where he launched Dougherty Glassworks out of the Terminal City Glass Co-op, where he was studio manager from 2018-2021. When he’s not working on his own business, Cameron is passionate about training students and apprentices, building the glass-blowing community, and cultivating a love for glass in everyone he meets.   Originally from California’s central valley, Cameron now lives and works in Vancouver, BC with his wife and their dog.

eikcam ceramics / OH Studio

eikcam ceramics embodies work that is both functional and decorative both incorporating elements of naturalness and whimsy. Her approach to design is layer by layer, simple and often uncomplicated. Grace Lee has an extensive background in design and ceramics. She studied clay from an early age at Arts Umbrella and continued onto Emily Carr learning ceramics and industrial design. After graduating with  an Industrial Design degree 2001, Grace worked as a visual stylist for boutiques and hotels and soon after became an Art Director and tableware designer for a home decor distributor. While travelling around the world, she created lifestyle imagery and designed tableware and housewares for national and international retailers. After seven years in the corporate realm, a life changing trip to Paris inspired Grace to return to her love of working with her hands. She fell in love with working in clay again and in 2008, Grace launched her own brand of tableware and home collections under the brand, eikcam ceramics. She continues to work from her studio in the heart of East Vancouver and has branched out organizing events and markets under OH Studio Project.

Enrique Morales (Madera Fina)

I'm a self-taught woodworker / furniture maker. I have been designing and crafting furniture for many years but it was not until 2005 when I finally opened a studio in Vancouver where to this date I keep on mastering my unique style featuring the combinations of rustic live-edge woods and the elegance of wood veneers. Most of my materials are environmentally friendly, reclaimed, salvaged; and all my finishing materials are fumes free. I had some of my work displayed at the Woodworkers Gallery in Seattle (now closed). I have been participating in the Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver and The Harmony of Arts in West Vancouver

Espiritu Design Studio

Diane is a multidiscipline industrial designer, during your visit you will find small batch hand finished ceramics available for purchase. As a child, I loved solving puzzles, cautiously exploring and observing my surroundings. I found myself thinking of ways in which I would make things better and like my father, I am resourceful and that gives us fodder for creative expression. This fascination of working with my hands only amplified as I grew older and developed into a career path when I pursued Industrial Design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia and the West Coast became my home and inspiration. Now that I am a mother, I have a new appreciation of the wonders we encounter daily and the moments we create with the objects we choose to surround ourselves with. As a designer, I find joy and purpose in collaboration with others. Through my experience, the design process has been as valuable as the creation of small & sincere batches of ceramics. It is the method that as has allowed me to focus and meditate on my craft. The creative process is an opportunity to reflect on previous challenges, imagining new ways to explore and interpret problems. As I approach a solution, I delight in the refinement process. My design methodology is applied across multidisciplinary practices. I find satisfaction in working in the spaces of soft product design as well as ceramic design. In the making of ceramic ware, the process includes sculpting a master form as well as the use of found objects and materials that compliment the final slip cast form.  I appreciate the subtle ways light is absorbed by matte unglazed surfaces and I play with contrast with the application of glaze and lustre. The addition of mason stains to the porcelain slip produces the coloured bodies and I glaze the interior of vessels for food safety. I often highlight glaze drips with gold lustre to embody the idea that your cup is overflowing with abundance. Vessels with gold lustre must be hand washed with a non abrasive sponge. Each piece that emerges from Espiritu Design Studio is hand finished with thought and care, as a result there are unique qualities that define each form.  


Eva Breternitz is a Vancouver based mixed-media artist and creativity workshop facilitator. Born and raised in Germany, it’s not surprising she became interested in ceramics having grown up in a family full of ceramicists and living in a house full of sculpture and pottery. Her great grandfather Otto Lindig was a particular inspiration as he had been the ceramics instructor at the Bauhaus school and they had many of his works and catalogues in their home. However, in her own art practise, it wasn't until she became a mother a few years ago and needed a way to ground herself that she really fell in love with this medium. She began her professional art practice in Falmouth, England where she did her Foundation year in Art & Design before transferring to Liverpool John Moores University where she completed her Honours Degree in Fine Arts Mixed Media. During this time she was very focused on sculpture and installation work using a variety of media. She also found a love for etching which informed her painting and drawing style. Following graduation, she moved to London where she was able to soak up the atmosphere of this thriving city exhibiting and continuing her studies. Upon moving to Vancouver, she continued her artistic practice while pursuing various careers in the arts and the film industry as well as in the social services field. Eva takes great pleasure in the creative process and says - “I love getting getting my hands dirty, seeing and feeling something take shape and find peaceful meaning in making things that will possibly bring joy to someone, somewhere.”

Lisa Farrell

Lisa Farrell is an abstract mixed media artist. She works intuitively with many materials in multiple layers, adding then subtracting by scraping, scratching and sanding back into the surface revealing the history below.  She alternates between this intuitive, free play and a more critical approach where she analyses the design and composition, fine tuning the overall appearance. She builds up each piece over time, continuing to add layers with acrylic paint, pencil, markers, collage, and pouring mediums until the final piece reveals itself. She strives to achieve paintings that catch your eye from a distance and invite you to take a closer look to reveal the fine detail and texture up close. Lisa’s degree in Psychology, her work in Interior Design and her love of travel have all played an integral part in the art she creates.  She continues to explore and learn about new mediums and techniques to incorporate into her work, constantly taking courses both in person and online to keep ideas fresh. She purposefully integrates elements of design such as contrast, shape, texture, form, colour and line to create balance, tension and harmony.

Flying Fox Prop Shop

Heidi Wilkinson is an accomplished props builder and the owner of Flying Fox Prop Shop, an East Van based workshop that builds specialized props for film/tv, commercials and theatre. She worked as an instructor at Capilano University in both the theatre and film departments for 17 years and has been the head of props for Bard on the Beach for 27 years. Having worked in the industry for so long, Heidi decided the time was right to create her own shop, thus Flying Fox Prop Shop was born in 2021. Both a workshop and an instructional studio, the shop employs skilled props builders as well as instructors who foster a safe and fun learning environment for those interested in taking any variety of props and art related courses.  Both as a builder and through Flying Fox Prop Shop, Heidi has worked in every major theatre in Vancouver as well as on popular film and tv shows including (but not limited to) Riverdale, Resident Alien, Virgin River, Dirk Gentley, Man in the High Castle, and Fifty Shades of Gray. Her deepest passions lie in puppetry, mask work, and creating (fake) dead bodies but her skillset covers everything from sculpture to casting to carpentry. She is the recipient of numerous awards and feels fortunate every day that she deeply loves what she does for a living.

Hope Forstenzer

Hope Forstenzer is a native New Yorker who worked extensively in film, theatre and ceramics before falling madly and irrevocably in love with glass in 2000. By 2003 she had moved to Seattle to study glass with as many glass artists as she could find. She slowly developed a feel and style of her own, finally becoming a teacher herself in 2008. She has been living in Vancouver since 2012, and is a proud member of Terminal City Glass Co-op, where she works and teaches. She has shown her sculptural work in juried shows at D’Adamo Waltz Gallery in Seattle, Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver, the Craft Council of British Columbia Gallery in Vancouver, PoMoArts in Port Moody, BC, The Art Gallery of Burlington in Burlington, Ontario, and as part of a group commission for the Vancouver Opera, among others.

Jackie Frioud

Jackie has been making salt glazed pottery for more than 20 years. The textures and colours and unexpected surprises that salt firing brings keeps her inspired and excited. She loves to make tableware with refined shapes and earthy tones for everyday visual and tactile pleasure. Jackie makes her work at the Mud Room, a shared studio at the Mergatroid Building in Vancouver, and fires her pottery at the Tidal Art Centre in Lund where she recently built her second salt kiln.

Heather Konschuh Glass

Internationally recognized, Canadian artist, Heather Konschuh has been making her glass work for over 18 years. This experienced glass artist is actively making her art and custom glass orders. She instructs glassblowing courses at Terminal City Glass Co-op in Vancouver. Notably, she was chosen by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's wife Laureen, in 2010, to design and create the G20 and G8 charger plates for the First Ladies. Her flowing forms and sense of design is demonstrated throughout her large body of glass work including sculptural Trees, Starfish, Hearts, Birds, Trees, Mountain Paperweights, Jellyfish Paperweights and Awards.  Some of her blown glass designs include modern Pendants, a variety of Ornaments, Bowls. Vases, Platters and Memorial Glass Art. Heather sells her work from her home studio in North Vancouver. She received her BFA in glass in 2005 from the Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary and also studied at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Tito Hinojosa

My current work is an exploratory deconstructing of imaginary landscapes through layers of colours and textures. Direct life experiences and my own personal background meld with the notion of being present and being silent.

Natalie Jones

Natalie is a Welsh artist specialising in gouache pleinair paintings. With her homemade pochade box, crafted from an old cigar box, Natalie explores the outdoors, immersing herself in the landscapes that inspire her. Nature serves as Natalie's primary muse, but she also finds intrigue in urban settings and architecture. Having traveled across Canada this past year, Natalie's experiences have shaped her artistic perspective. Through her use of gouache, she captures the essence of her surroundings with vibrant colors and a keen eye for detail. Her pleinair approach adds a sense of spontaneity and immediacy to her work, translating the energy and atmosphere of each location onto the canvas.

NikNaz Kahnamoui

Inspired by poetry and prose, I create layered paintings that aim to depict the ebbs and flows of life, the ongoing quest for meaning, and the longing for ‘safa’ and transcendence. My creative journey formally began while studying architecture in Iran. Close to a decade later, after immigrating to Canada, I started exploring mixed media and acrylics. My work is held in private collections in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Krista Johnson

Krista Johnson is a Vancouver based artist. Her representational paintings allow her to explore the relationship between colour and light as it exists in the natural world. It is this constant need to seek out an abundance of nature that she continually examines in her art. Krista graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2000. She worked as a designer and illustrator until she began to focus on painting in 2015. Her work can be viewed online at and at the Ian Tan Gallery and Once a Tree Furniture in Vancouver.

Sonya Labrie

Sonya Labrie is a graduate of the Craft & Design Program at Sheridan College with a major in Glass, Sonya Labrie has focused her career on designing and creating functional, wearable, and sculptural works in blown, kiln formed, and flameworked glass. Informed by a background in painting and drawing, Sonya explores surface design, texture, and colour as details of expression. From playful, organic interactions between colours in blown glass vessels, to crystalline surface textures in sculptural pâte de verre art pieces, Sonya’s work contains a spirit of free-form intention; a balance of precision and experimentation that culminates in joyful results. With consideration for form, texture, and colour, Sonya’s wearable glass jewelry elegantly encapsulates the cherished properties of glass and easily evokes a mood; from the soothing calm of subtle blues and greys, to the exuberant cheer of a brilliant jewel-toned rainbow.

Loophole Bags

Cassandra's creative focus is on taking post-consumer textile waste and giving it a second chance to shine. She enjoys finding thoughtful ways to repurpose a variety of textiles that would have been otherwise destined for the landfill. It is her firm belief that if we can just see our material possessions through a different lens we can find a secondary function for them, thus prolonging their purpose.  Breathing new life into fabrics so they can live on through another person's adventures feels revolutionary. Finding ways to mix and match random materials that complement each other requires a high level of care and attention and allows Cassandra to be consciously deliberate about the textiles she chooses to combine. Her vision of repurposing materials is manifested in the form of bag making. Over the past three years, Cassandra has cultivated her skills with the sewing machine and has really embraced working with a variety of materials. Through practice and self education she is able to upcycle a variety of textiles into bags that are functional and that will be well used and appreciated for years to come.

Suzan Marczak

Suzan marczak  is a landscape painter whose art explores the vast landscapes of the backcountry. Her work expresses the joy she feels when hiking in the the mountains, forests and rivers of British columbia, and emphasizes the need to protect these untouched wild places. Suzan also makes colourful, whimsical clay tableware under the name "Firebelly "Clayworks. Her line of functional work includes, mugs, platters, bowls, teapots and other ceramic items for the home.

Maria Ida Designs

Maria Ida Designs is a Vancouver-based blown glass production company. We make colourful objects for the home with a joyful, unpretentious feel. Every piece is hand-blown, melding creativity, danger, science and molten glass into one-of-a-kind pieces. Founded by Maria Struk in 2015, Maria Ida Designs works out of Terminal City Glass Co-op, a member-owned artist space. We sell online and have stockists in Canada, the US, UK, Norway, Australia and New Zealand.

Bettina Matzkuhn

Bettina Matzkuhn creates stories about ecology, weather, and geography in her textile work. With an emphasis on hand embroidery, she values the versatile language of textiles. Matzkuhn holds a BFA and an MA from Simon Fraser University, and is the recipient of Canada Council and British Columbia Arts Council Grants. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, as well as in Korea and the United States. Her work is found in national public collections such as the Surrey Art Gallery, Cambridge Art Galleries and the Weldon Map Library at Western University. She lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Maughan Made

“A piece should not only look beautiful and harmonious from across the room — it should also offer more to discover the closer you get to it. Some details can only be felt when running your hands over the piece, and others may be discovered by surprise after living with it for some time. This philosophy impacted my studies greatly and I continue to create with this intent.” Each Maughan Made piece is sparked by a fresh perspective and quickly transforms into a functional and inspired creation that can also be appreciated for its beauty alone. Trained in a classic, hand-tool focus style, I create furniture designed to be passed down and enjoyed for generations. My name is Jake Maughan and I was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC. Fuelled by a strong desire to create with my hands, I studied under renowned craftsman and Krenov protege, Robert Van Norman, at the Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworkin on BC's Sunshine Coast.

Hitomi Mckenzie

Hitomi Mckenzie is a Porcelain Ceramic Artist, who makes functional shapes and individual pieces. Hitomi was born in Japan where she worked as a fashion designer move to London (UK) in 1996. Studied pottery doing a part time course before achieving BTEC PDD (Professional Development Diploma) in Fine Art Ceramics at South Thames College in the UK. Her intimate relationship with each individual piece of work becoming an extension of how she responds to movement of the wheel and the clay. It is important to her to create communication, a conversation between form and surface. Her works combine that lively tactile quality of hand thrown porcelain, which showing its amazing translucency and looking refreshingly different, contemporary and exciting. She has been living in Vancouver since 2011 and become part of the many Artists at the Mergatroid building in East Vancouver that has an annual open studio, "Eastside Culture Crawl".

Gabrielle McRitchie

I'm Gabrielle, an East Vancouver native and lifelong artist. I pursued my passion through art school, and then later, I returned to school where I delved into the world of costuming. Through costuming I discovered my love for creating costume props, and currently work at Flying Fox Prop Shop. My work spans various mediums, and continues to evolve. Recently, my focus has gravitated towards the delicate art of embroidery, with a special affection for hand-stitched moths. These intricate creations tell stories of metamorphosis and the fragile beauty of nature. In addition to embroidery, I am a painter, where I find inspiration in land and cityscapes. My art reflects the beauty and transformation in nature and my East Vancouver roots.

Rob Middleton-Hope

Rob Middleton-Hope is a furniture designer, house builder and musician who has come to clay sculpture in the last 5 years. Middleton-Hope's ceramics are informed by his experience as a percussionist which lends itself to improvisation. His achievements in designing and building give him a solid footing for sculpture. His work includes musical instruments while predominantly, figurative busts and wall mounted sculptures. His many years under the tutelage of sculptor Georgina Lohan has enabled him to find his voice in clay.

Nora Vaillant - The Mudroom

Nora Vaillant makes salt glazed and wood fired functional pottery. For over 25 years she has worked in the field of ceramics as a potter, teacher, writer and curator. Nora was a resident artist in Oaxaca, Mexico and at Banff Centre for the Arts, and most recently at the Tidal Arts Centre in Lund, BC.   She's on the planning committee of the Canadian Clay Symposium (since 2007) and is a past board member of the Potters Guild of BC. Her love for all things ceramic lead her to curate several exhibitions in Canada and the USA focused on the history of the studio pottery movement:  "John Reeve: Some Hidden Magic", "Warren MacKenzie+John Reeve: Kindred Spirits" and "High Fire Culture". Her writing is published in Studio Potter magazine and Thrown: British Columbia’s Apprentices of Bernard Leach and Their Contemporaries. Nora teaches pottery to adults at The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, The Richmond Centre for Art, and in Vancouver, at The Roundhouse and West Point Grey Community Centres.

Lisa Ochowycz

Lisa Ochowycz is a full time painter based in Vancouver. Her series are named after streets or neighbourhoods, near and far, that have played a role in her artistic explorations. She has exhibited internationally, most recently a solo show in Basel, Switzerland. She has taught abstract painting internationally and her work can be found in private and cooperate collections world wide. She has been awarded artist residencies in Hofsos, Iceland and Saskatchewan, Canada. Her work revolves around translation, the imprint of social and geographical experience on memory, and beauty. These themes intertwine in atmospheric abstract paintings, works on paper, or photo based work.

Marko Rnic

Marko Rnic is a woodworker focused on hand-made items that match beauty with practicality.  Featured this year are creations for those who love wine, sushi, boxes, and paper making.  Marko's designs are functional yet elegant. Made from domestic and exotic hardwoods, his collection is thoughtfully curated to cater to the needs of sophisticated townhouse and condo dwellers alike. His workshop is located in the Mergatroid Building, 975 Vernon Drive, Suite 205, Vancouver, BC.

Kristen Roos

My textiles are designed digitally, and woven with the hand-operated Jacquard loom that can be seen in my studio at the Mergatroid building. This work speaks about obsolescence, and the relationship between computers and weaving. Jacquard Looms being the first computers in a sense, that were programmed and automated using punch cards, which contain some of the earliest images stored as data. My work is designed using vintage software for early personal computers, and uses traditional weaving patterns, and Jacquard weaving patterns from the 1800’s. These designs can be associated with some of the blocky, pixelated imagery created with early paint programs for personal computers from the 1980’s and 90’s, and the imagery found in both traditional and contemporary weaving practices. I like to see the connections between work that is hundreds or thousands of years old, and work that is part of a more recent history of screen-based art.   Kristen Roos (b 1975) BFA - Concordia University, MFA - University of Victoria,  is an artist and educator whose practice includes a wide range of mediums including electronic and electroacoustic music composition, sound design, sound installation, animation, printmaking, textiles and media archaeology.

Russell Hackney Ceramics

Russell Hackney is a ceramic artist working with the slip casting method.

Kirsten Spouler

Kirsten has been working with glass since August 2019 and has taken the majority of her training from her local glass studio at Terminal City Glass Co-op. She has also attended classes at the Corning Museum of Glass in 2022 and 2023. Kirsten works primarily as a Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver and takes her extensive knowledge and training in anatomy as an influence in her art and glass work. She is drawn to the use of bright opaque colours mixed with black glass. She has been exploring the use of murrini to develop pattern. Finding a passion and a creative outlet with the use of hot molten glass has allowed Kirsten to express herself in her art as well as create unique one of a kind pieces.  

Minori Takagi

Born in Shizuoka, Japan, glass artist Minori Takagi began studying Tombodama (glass beads created through ancient lampworking techniques) in 1997. Since moving to Vancouver, Canada in 2006, Takagi has been incorporating new elements into her ancient style. Her jewellery uses soft glass as well as borosilicate glass, a substance more durable than the typical soda-lime variety of glass. Takagi’s glass jewellery is widely acclaimed. It won Vancouver Magazine’s 2019 “Made in Vancouver” style category, and it is featured in articles by The Georgia Straight, the Canadian craft magazine Studio, and the book 1000 Beads by Lark Crafts.

m.a. tateishi

m.a.tateishi paints colourful abstractions in acrylic and resin. Her work can be found in personal and corporate collections all over North America.


Guaranteed the Wackiest art your gonna see at the crawl, and Chopsticks!!