Glass, Jewellery

Schoenfeld, Carol

About the artist
Carol Schoenfeld has experimented with various creative mediums throughout her life. Her earlier interests included knitting, sewing and needlepoint. She later explored watercolors. While at the 2013 Vancouver Circle Craft Market, she discovered Terminal City Glass Co-op and registered for some bead-making classes. She has always been fascinated by glass and she was immediately hooked. She became a member of the Co-op and it is there where she makes the glass beads that she uses to create her glass jewellery. What she likes about working with glass is to see the transformation of the glass from a molten state while in the flame to the beauty of the finished product. With her other main interests being gardening and nature in general, it is not surprising that her beads reflect a floral and nature motif.
Map Code: D5
975 Vernon Dr
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Terminal City Glass Co-op