Drawing, Painting

Russell, Bruce D.

About the artist
I produce abstract paintings influenced by colour, texture and depth. Gesture is also a key element in my practice because of it's ability to connect lived experiences that make a strong impression upon us. Frequently my works reflect both human and natural patterns stamped indelibly on the landscape of our planet. My compostions can be multilayered pieces containing hidden elements revealed by exposing layers of colour. My works often raise the question of where painting began and ended, that is, a challenging arrangement of colour. I situate the overall work in such a way that it tends to lure the eye to smaller compositions within the larger whole, allowing you to return to my works in multiple ways. This is one of the strongest qualities of a skilled abstract painting, and I hope that my oeuvre is steadily growing in this respect.
Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #322