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NEXT: 2022 Exhibit

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Nov 01, 2022 - Nov 27, 2022


We are thrilled to be presenting the Preview Exhibitions once again, mounting a multi-venue, salon-style curated exhibition at the Cultch, Firehall, Alternative Creations, Pendulum Gallery, and new this year, Strange Fellows Gallery.

The theme of this year’s Crawl exhibitions is NEXT. After the extraordinary challenges of the last couple of years, there seems to be a longing for change or a sense of normalcy. For this exciting exhibit, Eastside Culture Crawl artists present opportunities to reach for something new, perhaps a fresh start, or maybe the progression of current practices. It will explore the aftereffects of living through a pandemic as we long for and ponder about what’s NEXT.

Works in this broad-reaching exhibition include painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video and other media.

Dates vary depending on the venue.

Juried by Paul de Guzman, Eri Ishii, & Hugh Kearney

November 1–27

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 10

Gallery Hours:
1895 Venables Street
Mon-Sat: 12-4pm
and 1 hour prior to all performances

Featuring works by: Anne Gaze, Brandy Mars, Cat Mudryk, David Tycho, Deborah Bakos, Elizabeth Barnes, Elizabeth Jensen, Garrett Andrew Chong, Helena Maizlin, Jasmine Wallace, Jessica Craig, Joanne Probyn, John Hall, Jorma Kujala, Kelly Haydon, Lauren Morris, Marisa Myrah, Mat Holmstrom, Rose L Williams, Sonia Mocnik, Steve Williams, Sunny Nestler, Sussanne Hoiberg, Suzy Baker, Thompson Brennan


November 1–25

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 10

Gallery Hours:
280 E Cordova Street
Mon-Frid: 1-4pm*
1 hour prior to performances
Nov 19: 11am-3pm, Nov 20: 11am-1pm
*To visit the gallery, please ring the buzzer at the Firehall’s big red door at the corner of Cordova and Gore and staff will let in visitors at the theatre doors (where there will be a sign saying the same thing). Gallery is closed Nov 11 and 23.

Featuring works by: Amanda Wood, Cat Pino, David Haughton, Ed Hunt, Francis Tiffany, Honeytta Eyvany, Jean Lee, Laura Clark, Loudly Insecure, Megan Majewski, Polly Almond, Rojia Dadashzadeh, Rosemary Burd, Shary Bartlett, Shirley Wiebe, Tyler Wilson


October 31–November 20

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 10

Gallery Hours:
1659 Venables Street
Mon-Fri: 10am–2pm
Nov 17-20 during Crawl festival hours

Featuring works by: Amberlie Perkin, Chantal Cardinal, Dana Cromie, Gabriel Zanas, Helena Maizlin Jessica Craig, John Capitano, Lee James Abbott, Madeleine Chaffee, My Name Is Scot, Nadia Baker, Pippa Lattey, Robert Morris, Rojia Dadashzadeh, Shannon Pawliw, Shirley Wiebe, Umbra & Lux

October 31 – November 25

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 10

Gallery Hours:
885 W Georgia St
Mon/Tues/Wed: 9am–5pm
Thurs/Fri: 9am–9pm
Sat: 9am–5pm

Featuring works by: Amberlie Perkin, Annette Nieukerk, Anyuta Gusakova, Chantal Cardinal, Concealed Studio, Cliff Kearns, David Haughton, David Robinson, Deanna Fogstrom, Desiree Patterson, Dzee Louise, Eric Neighbour, Francis Tiffany, Hannah Stoll, James Fletcher, Jeff Wilson, Jerry Whitehead, Jo Ann Kronquist, Kate MacDonald, Ken Clarke, Loudly Insecure, Mahtab Eiva, Mia Weinberg, Michelle Mathias, Niina Chebry, Richard Tetrault, Robert Morris, Sam Joseph, Sara Molcan, Shary Bartlett, suzan marczak, Suzy Birstein, Tannis Hopkins, Tess Paul, Umbra & Lux, Victoria Mitchell


Strange Fellows Gallery
November 10–20

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 10

Gallery Hours:
1345 Clark Drive
Sun-Wed: 12-9pm
Thurs: 12-10pm
Fri/Sat: 12-11pm

Featuring works by: Andrea Des Mazes, Anne Gaze, Brigitte Potter-Mael, Cat Mudryk, Colette Tan, Dorothy Doherty, Dzee Louise, Janine Schroedter, Julie McIntyre, Marney-Rose Edge



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