Moving Art 2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 12:00 to Sunday, November 17, 2019 - 23:00

Evolution of Change

“This too shall pass.”

Brackets get curly, fires are started, cave art is technologized and Alice goes adventuring. Faces are fashioned and fashions are tried on and discarded in an exploration of form and societal norm.

Uncertainty, the speed of change, evolution and the evolution of relationships, this year’s selected works highlight the pace of change affecting variety and diversity in our interior and exterior environments. Six artists urge us to examine our own fraught relationships with change – both good and bad.

Constant Change by Chris Blades

A4040C by It’s Okay
Alice’s Adventure by Minah Lee

Bison by Kate MacDonald

Loudly Insecure by Candice Weber

between by Liz Wurzinger

Curated by Kate MacDonald and Esther Rausenberg, these evocative contemporary films will be exhibited during the 2019 Eastside Culture Crawl:

November 14-17
Charles Clark Gallery (Strange Fellows Brewing)
1345 Clark Drive
Noon – 11 pm