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Creating Art With Digital Media

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Nov 16, 2021 - Nov 21, 2021


Online demo with Karen Lorena Parker

Creating art with digital media. Learn the substrates and options available to create final pieces or study concepts before the paint hits the canvas. NFT digital art, mark making and sketches, as well as studies for new series. See what photographers do, and how traditional art can benefit from this skill.

Karen Lorena Parker‘s beautiful romantic paintings, are bold sci-fi, pop-culture, and political themes, examined archetypes for the purpose of dialogue. Art Director for the Parker Art Salon, Marketing Director for Bit Happier Inc, Parker is an illustrator, VFX artist and digital marketer. Curious and inspired by the world around her, Parker is a BFA graduate from interior design, graphic design, visual effects, fine art. Her experience in the design industry, notably illustrating the box of Lindt Chocolates for the Metoo Golden Globes awards, and credited on IMDB, influences her content and style as she engages her visual savvy audience. Her work is represented in North America and Asia.


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