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Former home of Press Gang Publishers, a feminist press. Located in Strathcona. Razstone has operated as artist studios since 2004. There are 9 artist studios and one art gallery. The range of work involves installation, sculpture, painting and kinetic.



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Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke is an innovative sculptor working with concrete, willow and clay. His courtyard studio contains an eclectic collection of handmade fountains, large willow structures, found assemblage and natural sculptures. His work reflects his inspiration from nature and a desire to create meaning using organic forms.

James Fletcher

James Fletcher is a sculptor of Stone, direct wax to bronze, clay, paper and wood. A self-taught sculptor : who at the age of three, experimented with mud; at age six, discovered the beach and built sand castles; at age nine, mastered the art of creating mashed potato sculptures at the dinner table. “ I have always been swept away by the roar of the creative unconscious mind; there I experiment with both life and art - a delightful surprise full of multiple meanings, symbols and metaphors, mystery - the real and surreal “

Gabriel Zanas

Gabriel Zanas is a Peruvian-born artist who has lived in Europe, the U.S. and relocated to Canada in 1989. He attended Otis Parsons and UCLA and subsequently became a noted lawyer in both the U.S. and Canada. He quit the law in 2019 and is a full time artist working out of his studio at RAZSTONE. He holds a BFA Hon. from Emily Carr University of Art & Design, a B.A. from UCLA, and a J.D. from McGeorge School of Law. He has exhibited his art in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Pippa Lattey

Pippa Lattey works with sculpture, movement, sound and place. Her sculptures play with perception, movement, gesture, and repetition. They can move, and make sound. Current projects in her studio include: woodturnings with found objects, moving sculptures within a physical/virtual space, and a wind-activated LED animated wall piece. Recent exhibitions include adhoc plots in Downtown New West, ‘Between a Lamp, a Log and a Bucket’ at the SCAC in Sechelt, and ‘String Together’ at BAF in Vancouver. She was artist-in-residence with Al Neil’s piano at the The Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency in early 2021.

My Name Is Scot

My Name Is Scot and I’m interested in notions of agency, identity and authenticity. My work includes installations, video, book works, site specific interventions, drawing, photography and performance and has been seen in exhibitions, screenings and performances in Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the U. S. Recent work includes Mediating Heterogeneity, Hsinchu City, Taiwan (2022), While-Endwhile @ 4x4 Gallery, Vancouver, Canada and One Minute Volume 10, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Berlin, Germany (2021). My texts have been published in the Capilano Review, danDelion, Front Magazine, Valeveil, Geez, The Short Story Show Podcast and Geist. To see and read more please visit: