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At Pandora Studios we strive to support a fully inclusive space for all types of artists.  Our large studios include ceramicists, jewellers, textiles, music producers, mixed-media and much more.  Diversity is a key component in our building and a few of us teach creative art workshops to the public.


Pandora Studios

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Chess Soup

Francesca Vukovic is a Multidisciplinary artist/maker currently focusing on painting, soft sculpture, tattoo and folk craft practices. Her current interests are in representational figuration, surreal iconography, as well as making cute things that she likes to carry around and put on her shelves. She is very inspired by the south Slavic cultural practices she grew up around and is often investigating ideas of the “old country” and the adaptive nature of immigrant culture. She loves magic and immersive experiences, as well as sitting in her little east van studio making things.  BFA in Fine Art from Emily car, she has participated in group shows in Canada and the US.

Chu Chu

Serena Chu is a visual artist specializing in life-size colouring murals, contemporary ceramics and teaches a variety of pottery and art classes. Originally from Toronto with a BFA in mural painting and installation sculpture from York University, she works out of her private studio in East Van. Serena's colouring murals are all custom drawn and combines branding, community engagement with her client's company and vision.  They draw in a crowd and allows people to connect while participating in an incredible fun art piece together. For her ceramics, she intentionally designs them to play with contrast. Black and white, smooth versus textured, shiny and matte, it all started with her Geometric Mountain series. Teaching is also a huge passion of hers. She loves creating a space that is inviting to all walks of life, demonstrating that anyone can be creative and doing it all with laughter and story sharing.  Her workshops and murals are designed to spark joy, engage participants and of course to create something wonderful together.  Art connects people and makes you happy! By trade she is a graphic and web designer that moonlights as an artist in her spare time.