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Eastside Atelier, formerly William Clark Studios, is located on the southeast corner of William Street and Clark Drive. The artist collective has been in operation for several decades. In Spring 2020 while on the verge of a mass eviction, artists teamed up with the Eastside Culture Crawl and the City of Vancouver to save these spaces. Following a new wing addition, Eastside Atelier is now our second largest art collective boasting 45 artists! Go up one staircase and discover 36 open studios across a single, large, U-shaped floor. Be sure to visit both the east and west wings! Diverse art styles include painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, mixed media, collage and textile art. Instagram: @eastsideatelierartists


Eastside Atelier

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Eastside Atelier Artists

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Lee James Abbott

British multi-disciplined artist Lee James Abbott is best known for his graphic art and work within the film industry. He has created a variety of movie posters including the artwork for the film ‘Alien Ore’, a 40th anniversary short celebrating Ridley Scott’s iconic 'Alien'. After spending his youth creating gig posters, Lee was introduced to the medium of serigraphy and later studied the print technique in London, UK. Lee’s first solo show this summer explored the themes of loneliness and isolation through his hand-printed, manipulated emotive photography and graphics. This year, Lee completed his first art residency in Courtenay, BC with funding from Canada Council, escaping traditional boundaries by printing on challenging surfaces including glass, wood, and foil.

Nadia Baker

Nadia Baker is a biologist and artist working in painting, mixed media, and printmaking exploring the juxtaposition of urban and natural environments. Her current series entitled Boulder Fantasy is inspired by a visit to Joshua Tree National Park and explores themes of nature and escapism. She was drawn to the enormous desert boulders and the arch-like form they share with rainbows. In the Boulder Fantasy series, she combines the boulder shape with a child like vision to create an imaginary landscape. In this series colourful lush vegetation of blooming flowers, waterfalls, and crystals come together with the boulders, to reimagine an unreal and welcoming environment.

Brandy Mars Designs

Since 2016 Brandy has been running the gayest lil’ gift shop in all the land. Her collection of art includes over 300 pieces aiming to bring representation to the LGBTQIA+ community. She has written and illustrated 2 children’s books. The product line has extended to home goods, clothing, as well as the classic posters, canvas prints, and greeting cards. Her artwork was in Snowpiercer Season 3 and a LGBTQ TV show currently being shot in Los Angeles. This June was her first solo art exhibit in Vancouver, Canada. She participates in many local community events including Vancouver Pride, The East Vancouver Dyke March, and various community art shows. Her chocolate bars and greeting cards are available at Womyn’s Ware On Commercial Drive. For several years she has been donating to the Toronto Nia Centre for black youth arts.

Janine Breck

Janine Breck is a mixed media abstract artist focusing on alcohol ink and fluid painting. She is a self-taught artist, born and raised in BC.  Janine spent much of her life surrounded by nature and animals, specifically horses.  She studied and worked in the financial sector and found art to be her escape.  The balance between rigidity and fluidity is becoming a growing theme in her work due to her experiences being a creative in the finance world.  

Dan Breck

Hi, I’m Dan. I am a woodturner and beekeeper in beautiful British Columbia. I take trees, branches, and discarded wood and turn them into functional and artistic objects. How do the bees fit in? Well, woodturning started when I turned a swizzle for a pot of their honey. I was hooked! Now I turn a range of objects, from bowls and platters to honeypots and lids, in sizes ranging up to 24” in diameter. Each object is unique and made to suit your daily activities, like a honey swizzle in your cup of tea or a fruit bowl for your dining table. All wood is locally and ethically sourced.

Axel Breutigam

Axel Breutigam is a Canadian Fine Art Photographer who’s work focuses mainly on black & white Architectural, Landscape and Flower Photography. After a successful career as an attorney and CPA in his native Hamburg, Germany, Breutigam sold his law firm and relocated to Vancouver, BC, Canada to pursue his lifelong passion of photography. Breutigam is essentially self-taught but also studied in New Mexico under Alan Ross, Ansel Adams’ former assistant to enhanced his technical skill and to be taught how best to use digital processing techniques that emulate the darkroom prints of earlier decades. Breutigam has established himself as a black and white photographer with a distinct and technically sophisticated style. Intriguing perspectives, bold lighting and abstract geometric shapes are characteristic of his evocative, timeless compositions. Breutigam’s motifs of abstraction and sharply focused forms make his photographs remarkably contemporary, while the traditional techniques he practices imbue his photographs with a timeless quality. Breutigam is represented by Galleries in Palm Springs, CA , Portland, OR and Calgary, AB.  His exhibits since 2014 in Vancouver, Calgary, Portland and Palm Springs include seven Solo Shows, thirteen Group Shows as well as online shows. He also published three photo books: SOLITUDE - in the desert and beyond; PORTLAND - living with bridges; EXPLORING URBAN FORMS - all available at Breutigam was nominated as ‘Photographer of the Year 2014’ from PPoC, BC Within the last two years Breutigam won thirteen nominations, merit awards and honorable mentions. Breutigam’s photographs had been published in the AAP Magazine (special edition # 12 and # 13), the Shutterbug Photography Magazine and online in ‘Made in Wetzlar’ and ‘ArtsyShark’.

Milanka Bunard

Milanka Bunard is exploring two dimensional and three dimensional world through the use of different media. Her latest interest is photography and the play between paper and thread. Milanka Bunard is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. She has been widely exhibited internationally and locally. Her artwork can be found in many public and private collections (Europe, Canada, USA, Japan).

Carley B

Unique nude art with psychedelic flare and Surrealist landscapes - these are the types of art you can expect to see if you come to Carley Bjorgum’s studio. Having been trained and practicing in portraiture for many years, Carley is well versed in multiple artistic styles. Her landscape work incorporates natural stained wood panels involving the natural flow of the wood grain. She is influenced by surrealist art and the natural beauty of west coast/mountain scapes. These pieces convey messages of climate awareness and the human need to reconnect to environment. Meanwhile, her more unusual “inter-species” works offer fun and humorous aspects on the surface, with deep underlying themes. She represents feminist and gender-fluid messages through this work. This will be the forth year for artist Carley B in Vancouver’s East Side Culture Crawl. She is originally from the Canadian Rockies but has been living and working here in Vancouver for over 10 years.

Beth Cowie

I am a Mixed Media Artist and graduate of Emily Carr University and Langara Fine Arts Program. I am a maker of things usually inspired by nature and energy and emotions. I work with paper canvas acrylic ink and many other found and natural objects including stones and wood. Currently working on abstract paintings based on and inspired by our beautiful PNW natural surroundings ocean and landscape. I have a series of small works and larger works.

Dzee Louise

Dzee Louise paints abstracts inspired by anatomy and biology. Her investigations focus on the interconnections between our human experience and the natural environment. While she draws inspiration from patterns and colours in nature, her approach is largely informed by process, working intuitively and examining the interactions between intention and chance. Her paintings appear abstract at first glance, but with time, forms become more recognizable; a face, a figure bending in the branches, another floating along the undulations. Her paintings draw attention to the subtle and encourages us to consider the relevance of what is seen or sensed and what is left hidden or overlooked. Her interest in science also influences her painting practice, both in subject and method and has led her to collaborate with people in disciplines such as neuroscience and microbiology. She has also extended her creations to include jewellery making. Working much smaller on repurposed flatware she creates miniature paintings people can wear. The process is very similar, always playing with intention and chance. Each piece is one of a kind, hand painted and finished with sterling silver findings or chain. If hung on a wall instead the body, they make great mini paintings for that little corner in your house too!

Anne Gaze

Anne is a Vancouver-based artist working in acrylics, mixed media, drawing and collage. Her semi-abstract, acrylic paintings convey the transitions of colour, movement and pattern found in nature. "I am intrigued by the various stages of the life cycle and the process of time. I strive to capture the connections between the natural elements and processes in nature with those of the human condition, both on a physical and metaphorical level." Anne participates in the Eastside Culture Crawl annually. She has exhibited throughout the Lower Mainland as well as other parts of Canada, the US and Japan

Dalia Omar Ibrahim

My focus is on people and nature. I love drawing and painting. I work with oil, ink and pencils, and occasionally in watercolour. Simply as that.

Ideet Sharon

Ideet Sharon’s shapes and textures explore micro, energetic fields of tension and connectivity through geometries and the spaces they occupy. Using collage and acrylic, compositions take form in the complexity of perception: the presence of detailed individual pieces within a larger integrated whole. Visit and Instagram @ideetart for more information.

jessica CRAIG

I'm jessica CRAIG, an emerging Mix Media artist, born and raised in Greater Vancouver. My education and work background in Sociology, Nursing and advocacy gives depth of inspiration and critical inquiry within my pieces. My roots growing up in a Canadian-Colombian household inspire my use of colours and language for art expression. My eccentric mark making and use of varying mediums is inspired to capture emotional and societal dichotomies that exist within ourselves, socially and environmentally. As an emerging artist, I have been fortunate to be making strides within the Vancouver art community. Thanks to the support of Eastside Culture Crawl, in November 2020, my art piece "Our Backyard" graced the cover of Georgia Straight, and my piece "Strutting" graced the cover of Globe and Mail: Pursuits & Cultural. Also, in March of 2021, I was awarded my first art grant from Canadian Arts Council to produce a series of paintings that reflect the frontline experience of nurses fighting Covid-19 in Canada. My studio is located at Eastside Atelier. There, I take an active role with other passionate artists to foster an art community. Come by and indulge your curiosity.

Karen Marki

Originally from San Francisco, Karen works primarily in acrylics on canvas and her art is inspired by her life experiences and the complex world around her. Her paintings are infused with rich colours, textures, and markings that fill the canvas with energy and light.  Her latest series merges her love of textiles, patterns, design and nature using a mid-century palette that includes deep tones of turquoise, olive green, gold, burnt orange and pink. Karen is a juried member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and her art has been in numerous local and international exhibitions.   She was recently chosen as the featured artist at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island and was recently in a two-artist exhibition at the Kay Meek Arts Centre in West Vancouver.  

Jean L. Kares

Jean Kares is a textile media-based artist whose work focuses on surface design (dyeing, printing and embellishing a fabric surface), mixed media collage and assemblage. Patterning, shrines, and indigo dye are often prominent in her art pieces. Kares holds an MFA in Art History from the University of British Columbia specializing in China, and teaches topics in Asian art history and textile history for Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies. In addition, she teaches and practices tai chi, and is a student of Chinese brush calligraphy.

Kataneh Sherkat

A forever art lover.  Passion for visiting museums and private art galleries around the world. Currently dabbling in oil with some of my previous work in acrylic. Focus is on combining the beauty of nature with more modern representation of what the eye can see.

Lianna Klassen

Lianna Klassen is a Vancouver-based self taught mixed media artist, potter and an award-winning musician. Lianna transitioned out of music in 2012 and began to work full-time in art and pottery. In her painting, she has a special passion for abstract realism and impressionism. One of Lianna's achievements to date is her series "Through the Valley of the Shadow", in which she journalled her story of breast cancer. It is a raw and intimate collection that challenges, inspires and captivates the viewer. Her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries and venues in Western Canada, and is featured in collections in Europe, Asia, the UK and North America. Her work can be seen online at and her website

Victoria Klassen

Victoria Klassen is an abstract painter whose work is rooted in the natural environment. Inspired by glimpses of tangled branches, a gnarled tree trunk or a simple leaf, these elements are remembered and incorporated into abstract compositions. An indistinct blur or a combination of shapes and colours visually describe her emotional response to nature. Her work explores the differences between subtlety and boldness, small details and large shapes in the environment. You can find her at Eastside Atelier in Vancouver, BC where she also attended Emily Carr College of Art & Design and the Langara Fine Arts program.

Dave Kowalchuk

Dave Kowalchuk is a representational oil painter, focusing on landscapes and the surreal. Painting from his own photography, Dave aims to bring the viewer back to the time and place the photo was taken, often by heightening or abstracting colours and shapes. Dave has been painting in his studio in Eastside Atelier for 5 years, and this will be his 5th Culture Crawl.

Ceci Lam

A painter who also prints...stitches...assembles...makes books....

Stacy Lederman

Urban mixed media artist based in Vancouver. Contact me for commissions, current works or for consultation. 🏙'Inspiration is everywhere.'

Karly Leipsic

Karly Leipsic is a mixed media painter who loves to use bright colours and bold shapes. She focuses on abstract designs and often incorporates collage into her work. She hopes her works bring joy and life to all those who see them and to the spaces they find a home in.

Rita Leroux

Rita Leroux is a Canadian painter who learned her craft at art school in Oaxaca Mexico as well as courses at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. She retired from college teaching in order to follow her dream of becoming an artist. Her experience at art school in Mexico influenced her oil and acrylic paintings as her art Includes vivid colours and texture. She has been painting for over 15 years .

Keith Marlin

Keith Marlin is a Vancouver based Photographer, Filmmaker & Independent Producer.  Beginning his career in the New York City Film & TV Industry, Keith went on to found Brick Box Films in 2018. Relocating to Vancouver on the eve of the pandemic, Keith transitioned to photography as an alternative to filmmaking. Learning to shoot film as a youth, Keith began exploring the medium of digital photography when the world came to a halt due to COVID. With a focus on Landscape, Portraiture, and Still Life, you can find him capturing images of people, places, and things. Whether roaming the streets of East Van or venturing out on solo backcountry trips, Keith focuses on intention within his compositions, in order to tell a story that captures and engages audiences.  Residing in East Van with his partner and rescue pup, Ziggy Stardust, you can often find them exploring all that BC (and beyond) has to offer in their rag tag ‘94 Mitsubishi Delica camper van. Aspirations of “van life” and traveling the open roads of North & South America will always be the carrot dangling just ahead in life (and reality) as they currently know it.    

Victoria Mitchell

Victoria Mitchell explores emotional, visceral, and environmental sensitivities, through abstract and representational drawings and paintings. She is influenced by extensive studies of body structure and kinetics, and is strongly inspired by connections with our natural surroundings. Since 2017 Victoria has been working from a Vancouver based studio, and has enjoyed sharing her work in galleries and exhibitions in BC and internationally. She reveals new avenues of introspection through her art work, and finds a great pleasure in the broadening communications with those who connect with what she creates.

Lauren Morris

Lauren Morris is a Floral Artist and was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to Vancouver in 2000. She studied at the Cape Technikon as a Graphic Designer before moving on to pursue the Fine Arts.  She studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. and the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver.  “Art is always an expression of something; whether an idea,  Image or feeling. "Flowers are my passion and I strive for a Simplicity within my work while being unique.  I enjoy working with colors, reflections, shadows and light, creating a symphony of movement".  Painting predominantly in acrylics, Lauren hopes to inspire thought and to evoke the viewers emotions through Visual imagery”.   "For the past six years she has participated in the "Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl"as well as  "Artists in Our Midst, Art Vancouver and Vancouver Interior Design Show Lauren’s other exhibits include, three group shows as well as a Solo show at the "Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery", a duo show at the "Amelia Douglas Gallery" and a Solo show at the "Jericho Arts Centre". She now specializes in commissions and teaches Art Workshops for adults.  Her work can be viewed at

Cat Mudryk

Sculpture, to Cat, is the manifestation of a single moment, and the effort to render something in three dimensional form is to build a harmony between movement and stillness. As the completed sculpture presents itself for contemplation in its stilled state, it also represents motion, as it could not exist without all the moments needed in its creation. Can the viewer see in it the memory of the making, the movement? Further exploring themes on memory and how it relates to a specific time and place, Cat digs through these ideas in her photography, photo transfer and encaustic work. Layering images as memories transpose and overlap, she tries to bridge the gaps between the emotions of a place and its physical reality. Cat finds inspiration and is influenced by her travels, nature, architecture and, of course, memory. Obtaining a BFA in Theatre Design in 2002, Cat found herself soon transitioning to film work a few years later. As rewarding as that work can be, she looks forward to a time when her full focus can be on her art.

Annette Nieukerk

Now in my fifth decade of art practice, I have had a varied career spanning disciplines, media and genre. As a young artist, I depicted the prairie landscape using silkscreen printing as my medium of choice. Then in mid-career, I became passionately involved in theatre design and followed that path for many years while still maintaining my role as an art educator. Today I work out of a studio in East Vancouver utilizing a variety of mixed painting and drawing media employing the aging human figure as the focus of my practice. Formally taught, with a BFA in printmaking, a BEd in Art Education, and an MFA in theatre design, I have made art my life’s pursuit and career, and now in my retirement years my full-time occupation. Always having a passion for figurative work, I find that as I age I am no longer content to portray youthful lithesome bodies that have throughout history been the subject of figurative paintings. Influenced by the work of other female artists whose work I deeply admire such as Aleah Chapin and Francine Krieg, my interest has shifted to the aging body. Older women, older couples - those often overlooked by our society’s focus on youth and anti-aging - become portrayals of beauty in my multi-layered, multi-media paintings. I work in a fairly representational style on several layers of translucent drafting film with walnut ink and oil paint. Other imagery from the natural world - flowers, birds, insects - are also employed to enhance the image and add other layers of symbolic meaning. The images are often then sliced up and rearranged in new compositions on birch panel with careful attention to the use of the wood grain on the panel. I find this technique is well suited to expressing the layers of narrative and intricacy that are at the core of the aging form and indeed at the heart of all human existence.

Christina Peressini

Christina Peressini cuts and layers paper to explore how a two-dimensional medium can spark wonder and contemplation when rendered in three dimensions. Her subject matter is influenced by a lifetime spent on the BC coast and her execution is shaped, in part, by two decades working as a graphic designer. At times minimalist and abstract and at other times geographically detailed, Christina's work gives viewers an opportunity to quietly consider their own relationship to this part of the world. This is Christina's first year working out of the Eastside Atelier and the first of what she hopes will be many Eastside Culture Crawls.

Joanne Probyn

Joanne Probyn is best known for her acrylic and mixed media abstract paintings and modern hand embroidery. Her art often explores themes of growth and unity with the energy of optimism. Many news works are experimental and figurative. Probyn creates from her studio and gallery at Eastside Atelier artist collective. Career heights include local and international awards such as North Vancouver Arts Council Award for Excellence in Painting. Her contemporary, embroidery art was curated into an art book title Fun Size, published by Jen Tough Gallery, New Mexico. Probyn completed her education in design and illustration at Capilano University and holds a certificate in marketing management from UBC Sauder. Past professional activities include teaching therapeutic art for over eight years. She has studied with renowned teachers including painter, Kiff Holland, and Governor General Award recipient, Eric Metcalfe. She is a First Saturday and Eastside Atelier board member who works tirelessly to raise the profile of local artists. Probyn is a founding member of FLOURISH Art Group, a BC-Based, female artist collective. She is also a signature member of Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA).

Dane Saunders

Dane Saunders is an abstract painter.  Pouring and splashing acrylics is his current medium.  Letting go of the outcome, and immersing fully in the moment, is his practice here.

Sophie Poirier Studio

Sophie Poirier is an abstract painter and photographer based in Vancouver B.C. Through her many travels around the world and diverse experiences, she follows her instincts and lets the paint flow on her canvas while capturing unique angles through her lens. Using acrylic and modeling paste as her main medium, this mixed media artist will melt your heart with her smiles and French Quebecois accent.

Jackie Talmey-Lennon

Jackie Talmey-Lennon creates functional and sculptural ceramics with attention to narrative through surface and form.

Colette Tan

Colette Tan is an ethereal abstract artist based in Vancouver. She returned to her calling as an artist in recent years after working as a private banker, business owner, and surviving cancer. Her return has been well received by art collectors in Canada and her pieces have also found homes in Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore and Japan. The current collection features a series of works in which she captured the beauty that awed her in British Columbia, inspired by its breathtaking mountains and seascapes. The use of wood grains in some of her paintings reflects her organic approach. Every piece of her work is unique. It is worthwhile to pay a visit to her studio to see her actual artwork. For studio visits or commissions, please contact Colette at Follow Colette on Instagram @colettetanart to stay up to date on her latest works.

Richard Wilson

I'm a Vancouver based photographer and musician who loves the craft and the art of all aspects of photography. When I'm not playing the blues I particularly enjoy shooting our beautiful the city during the blue hour after sunset.

Amanda Wood

Amanda Wood shifts between printmaking, hand weaving, clay and alt photography, making accidental discoveries and loosening control as she works. She allows dangling threads, holes, and glitches to come forward in her sculptural, paper based and woven work as a response to her own embodied slippages. Amanda has been awarded multiple Canada Council for the Arts grants. Her work has been featured in Galleries West and Uppercase Magazine and has been exhibited across Canada. She has a BA from Simon Fraser University and a diploma in textile art from Capilano University and currently lives and works on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples in Vancouver, BC with her family. You can find her teaching online and in person weaving classes, drinking tea and reading a million books at once, and jumping between her various mediums. Amanda's hand woven functional cloth is stocked at the Craft Council of BC shop on Granville Island. Sign up for Amanda's (mostly) quarterly newsletter to find out about processes, get free stuff and discover upcoming events and classes. Or learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom. Sign up for weaving classes online at the School of Sweet Georgia