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At the corner of Powell and Commercial Drive, visit The ARC, one of the few purpose-built artist live-work buildings in the city. At The ARC you’ll find 7 floors of studios filled with everything from furniture, leather work and jewellery, to surreal sculptures made from found objects, intricately patterned drawings and paintings, to film props and puppets.



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darcy davis fx studio

Darcy Davis is a assemblage artist and film contractor who treats "Objects like Woman....Man"  If you didn't get the reference I have a "Plate O Shrimp" to which you can eat out of a can marked "Food" but you'll want to use a plate because it tastes better.  My studio style is drunk trashpanda with hints of crow hoarding and back alley foraging and gathering.  I  weld things together till they make no sense, then hit the last thing I welded 0n it, with a hammer, stand back and call it "perfect"  To  Misquote and Paraphrase Buckaroo Banzai "No matter where you go.....There you are collecting ting's for the cultural "Apocalypse" living in the "Now".

Galan Akin

Galan Akin’s oil paintings, drawings, and mixed media works explore the arbitrary line that divides nature from culture.  These works change over time and are intended to be touched as well as viewed.


I’m very happy that the Crawl is going on again this year.

Angel K

Angel is a Taiwanese-born Vancouver-based multidisciplinary designer, illustrator and a surreal dreamscape artist. Her art can be described as spontaneous, fun, dark, and a combination of little things to create a bigger picture. Her art theme revolves around time, life, death, space, eyes, human body, humour, nature, quotes and her dreams. She enjoys dark humour, dancing, pareidolia, and laughing at her own jokes hoping others will join in on the nonsense. Blah blah blah... One of her projects, Kaodesigns, is about creating fun greeting cards, and prints for all occasions. She creates everything by hand; from designing, to sourcing quality materials, printing, scoring, folding, and packaging in her studio in Vancouver. Share some good feelings. You can view her artwork her Instagram: Feel free to follow her on her fun creative journey.

concealed studio

concealed studio is a Vancouver based design firm that creates modern architectural wall panels and lighting. Our work is mainly inspired by nature, our creations a direct relationship to our research of fractals, insects anatomy, plant cells and crystals. composing monochrome geometries, we want to evoke viewers to experience and step in and out of fractals of imaginations and reality. “when one looks closely at the intricate details of a leaf, an insect one perceives a hidden labyrinthine world” - concealed studio

Digital Signal Person

Plotter art based on digital signals, bass, physics, geometry, and more. Cardstock, fabric, ink, bleach.

Lynna Goldhar Smith

Lynna is an multi-disciplinary artist specializing in bold painterly works and conceptual installations that express the intangible qualities of  human experience, through disrupted realism and abstraction.  Always seeking to create a world that exists  somewhere between memory and dream, she paints imaginary landscapes  evocative portraits of  urban wildlife, including birds and humans, and pure abstract expressions of loss, longing, dreaming and becoming.  Colour and drama is always part of the mix--maybe because of her extensive background in the theatre.  She graduated from California Institute of the Arts where she first discovered her interdisciplinary approach to art and  has  a growing number of collectors throughout North America.

Mat Holmstrom

Mat Holmstrom is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up in the small French community of Beaumont, Alberta, Holmstrom’s interest in art and culture grew after having the opportunity to travel to major art hubs such as New York, London, Paris, and San Francisco. Artists such as Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Marc Chagall, and Pablo Picasso have all inspired and guided Holmstrom's prolific creation and aesthetic. Holmstrom's work explores a diverse range of subject matter including history, nature, the human condition, and abstract thought. Rich color palettes and expressive layering of shape and texture lend to the dynamic nature of his work. He has been invited to participate in numerous group exhibits and several solo exhibitions across British Columbia, with pieces in private collections throughout North America. After attending the Alberta College of Art & Design and MacEwan University - where he studied both traditional and contemporary art and design - he relocated to Vancouver where he began a lifelong commitment to developing personal art philosophies and practices. He currently runs a private art studio, instructs part-time at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, and sits on the board of the East Side Arts Society, where he helps coordinate Studio 101 - a program dedicated to supporting diverse and engaging artistic experiences for Vancouver’s inner-city youth.

Bhaskar Krag

Bhaskar Krag is a former New York, SoHo based painter. Since moving to Cortes Island in 2001, he has spent the last two decades creating a new body of work, inspired the deep spiritual nature of British Columbia. The New York Times describes his work as "square, heavily impastoed painting with a festive sensuousness." His paintings are built one stroke at a time, creating successive layers evocative, if successful, a little bit of paradise, or some place that you could enjoy for a while.

Love & Fire

Love and fire is an independent artist that brings love and passion on metal surfaces and fires it to become an eternal symbol of beauty and memories. Nima Nasiri established his business and art practice in 2005 in Esfahan, Iran the city of turquoise domes  and great architecture. He move to Vancouver, Canada in 2021 and based his practice in the constant discovery of exquisite enamel painting. Nasiri creates jewelry pieces with a focus to tell stories of his combined experiences from East to West. He mastered enamel painting at a very young age and has been an enamelist for over sixteen years. He was one of few selected artists at "Revelations" International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial in 2019. He has participated in many other solo and group exhibitions internationally and has achieved many awards and recognitions.  

Roy Mackey

Have been doing steel sculpture for about 34 years... it has changed direction somewhat these last couple of years and find it has gotten more delicious and enjoyable than ever. Mostly about raw metal, copper, steel and stainless steel.

Mahtab Eiva

Mahtab Eiva is a painter who currently lives and works in the Artist Resource Centre in Vancouver, BC. Throughout her life, Mahtab has always been fascinated by people characteristics and how individuals’ traits could be represented through the eyes of an artist on her canvas. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she opted to take her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications. After completing her degree, Mahtab delved even more into her painting and drawing practice, which involved “Women” specifically. The women that Mahtab paints are only part of the narrative. There are stories behind them. She portrays concerns around women, their same-sex romantic and intimate relationships for the first time in her society, by which she went out of the filtered boxes. The nature of Mahtab’s work poses for freedom and reveals this fact without any wary censorship.

Jennifer Okkerse

Jennifer Okkerse is a ceramic artist.  Her influences range from children's toys, vintage sci-fi, back alley's and architecture.  She hopes one of her sculptures will find pride of place on your desk where it's quirky quietness has an opportunity to brighten the monotony of the everyday.

Reality Construct Design

Digital design manifested in the 3rd dimension. Nick is the owner and lead designer at Reality Construct Design Ltd, a singularly owned and operated art and design firm. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Nick's artistic endeavors began as a professional photographer and evolved with a career in the film and television industry as a Art Director, digital designer and model builder. Utilizing his broad skillset he creates unique sculptural and photographic projects that blur the lines between traditional and modern art.


Sophia Sohyun Kim is a Korean Canadian Ceramic artist working with textured functional ceramics inspired by tree barks especially the Birch.  

Sowhere Project

Originally from France, my work celebrates bodies and our beautiful planet. ​ Be gentle with yourself. Go wonder in nature. Sometimes the best highlight is to walk barefoot in the grass or go swim in this icy lake that you are admiring. Your body is powerful and can do much more than you think. ​ Each pieces are lovingly hand-painted in my home studio in Vancouver and made using locally sourced recycled materials.  Why body expression? I want my work to make people feel good about themselves. To show that each body types are beautiful, it's yours - shake it! And that showing some skins doesn't give anyone rights to comment or to feel entitled to own it.⁠ ⁠ Why Nature?  I was raised by watching and studying Jacques Cousteau's work. Only one beautiful planet earth. ⁠ For some behind the scene, follow me on Instagram @SowhereProject

Terra2k Studios

Garrett Trenholm is a designer and artist working with many different mediums, mostly fashion, to upcycle waste or would-be waste into functional items for their brand Terra2k Studios. The work is a combination of streetwear, screen printing, printmaking, tailoring, and upcycled furniture.   The conceptual studios tagline is "Turning lead into gold through the alchemical process", referring to the process of upcycling something of "waste" into something of "value", with the belief that for a physical transformation to unfold, a psychological one must also unfold, As above, so below.

Tannis Turner

I paint using a variety of media, make jewellery, and do a bit of macrame, and micro -macrame. After unintentionally having watched an extremely traumatizing news video on rhino poaching a few years back, it became clear to me what I had to do: Get my helicopter license and join Damien Mander in the IAPF fight to protect the wilderness in Mozambique. Obviously. Idea #2. I paint, so, paint Rhinos. Thus began the “Silent Circus” series. It has grown to include other creatures - my first love - elephants, and marine mammals, pegasus, pangolins…. At times, I believe I am taking a break from the circus, and returning to the wonderful world of abstraction. As the abstract piece develops, I find it inevitably becomes a strange landscape with explosions, grenades and rifles in the midst. It’s the garden of Eden; an incredible place with enormous possibilities. The circus has moved beyond the border of the tent. Please come and enjoy the show.

Vendel Arts Studio 506

Imagine... art created with such joy and blissful abandonment. Creations that are magical, mystical soulful, spiritual, and sensual. Landscapes, floral, wildlife, nature, people, travel. Art that brings joy to the soul. Creations that show a part of the artist that bring out feelings of happiness and love. Dare to fall in Love with a Vendel Art Studio painting and you will just have to own it! Perhaps you will be compelled to visit the art show.