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1739 Venables

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A new studio in the basement of the old Astorino’s building at the north end of Commercial drive. A relocation of the previous Studio Stone art studio plus a few more artists.


1739 Venables

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No Public Washroom


Wheelchair Acessible

1739 Venables Artists

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Aimee Young

Vancouver-based, Australian-born artist Aimee Young recently found herself dreaming about the high streets, petrol stations and ice creams of her youth, and turned these memories into witty, eye-catching works of art.

Amber Mariel

King of Hearts (KOH) is a genderless, boundary defying fashion and accessories brand that explores patterns, prints, colours and textures, making every sidewalk your catwalk! KOH is the brain-child of British born multidisciplinary artist and designer Amber Mariel. After graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2014, Amber worked in many sectors of the fashion industry in London, from assisting high-profile makeup artists to modelling and eventually styling shoots, she discovered her true calling lie within the colours and textures of the threads we put on our bodies.

Oliver Harwood

Being creative for me is a way to move out of the mental world into the physical, with all of its sensory nuances.  My work is a discussion.  It is a question that I explore, often with no finite answers.

Kim Cooper

Kim Cooper is primarily a sculptor in her artistic endeavours but she dabbles in other 2d mediums as inspiration arises. She is currently based in Vancouver, BC. on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations after having studied fine art in the USA and BC. Kim’s art practice is grounded in our human connection to the earth on an individual and a larger societal level, questioning the human condition, the environment and how (we) art can foster connection and community. She explores her/our emotional response and reaction to situations in society, entangled with history of place and then tries to transform that into a tangible artifact, a physical manifestation of our emotional landscape. She sees each project as an opportunity to engage people on both intellectual and visceral planes, bringing others into contact with their environment in a new and unexpected way. Her public art practice tends to looks outwards to the physical landscape of society, while her studio practice looks inwards exploring the landscape of self.

Madelaine Mongey

Madelaine Mongey loves making pottery. She enjoys creating wheel thrown tableware such as vases, bowls, cups, and jars, to name a few items. Madelaine's work focuses on the subtle details of each piece: the softly curved profile of a vase, the gentle fade between two glazes, or a little alteration to the wet clay. These small details make her handmade pottery enjoyable to hold and use everyday.

Shaun Taylor Ferg McCord

I love going for walks, and my creativity is inspired by walking around and exploring urban areas. I like the idea of getting to know people through exploring human-made spaces.