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Brisson, Jenn

About the artist
Jenn started her art career drawing for the Animation Industry for many years, and has since then, become a prolific painter, illustrator, street artist and recently an international muralist. Her work has been described as colourful, playful and whimsical. Her work is figurative, often showcasing mischievous quasi-human beings, usually adorned with fauna and flora. Jenn loves taking viewers to where these friendly creatures live, whisking you out of your every day life to worlds where magic still exists. All those years drawing cartoons have really influenced her style and how she builds her characters. Often using mixed materials in her backgrounds, such as spray paint, stencils, splatters and ripped paper, there is a slight juxtaposition between the chaos of the background and the calmness of the character living there. Jenn’s art has been making appearances in the street art scene and as of a few years ago, has been getting more into mural painting. She has painted murals in Vancouver, New York, Sicily and Mexico. Jenn is excited about sharing her art in this way in public and private spaces around the world. Currently living and working in Mount Pleasant, Jenn is continuously searching for magic beings and is living life to the fullest.
Map Code: B8
617 Gore Ave
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Upstairs