Leatherwork, Other

Greenwood, Ian

About the artist
In my previous life I was a circus coach/performer, coaching at Circuswest and stilt walking around Vancouver. I also trained in Sword fighting and Archery at Academie Duello and with Lykoipis Archery. This where my Leather working passion began, making equipment and accessories, particularly for Archery. Then about 31/2 years ago my AVM intervened; this is a type of stroke; I had a brain bleed and spent 4 months in VGH and GF Strong rehab hospital. On my release I quickly found out many of my pre stroke activities were either unavailable to me or so difficult as to be disheartening. Fortunately I as still able to continue with leather work and archery, and they have become both my compass, giving me direction, and anchor, giving me grounding and a reason to get up in the morning!
Map Code: D2
281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC