Mixed Media, Photography

Chong, Garrett Andrew

About the artist
An honours graduate from ECCAD - Emily Carr 1986, my B/W infrared works attempted to capture the auras, energies and “unseen light” within spaces and forms. My pieces have evolved through spiritual influences, silent meditation, Hatha Yoga and the opening of Chakras. Each of these practices has contributed to the re-alignment of my imagery. Travels to ancient civilizations have revealed the interconnectedness of the whole and amplified my awareness of inner peace in the present moment. Migrating from B/W infrared film to HDR digital photography was a natural evolution. Thus revealing the “unseen light” previously witnessed and unraveling the stillness within “Still[s]… in Sacred Places”. The Buddha once held up a flower for his fellow monks. After witnessing the plantʼs presence, a monk smiled, yet remained motionless. This practice of stillness and awareness became the origins of Zen. My work explores these moments of awakening in the present moment. While spiritual leaders conceptualize flowers as enlightened plants, my photographic collages juxtapose flowers and our environment with sacred sites to the power of meditative prayers. I leave footprints upon sacred spaces captured while bringing home, within myself, a transformative view of the world. My awakened journey has alert me to everyday forms, to enjoy daily rituals and to remain engaged in the here and now. Exhibits: The Cultch (ECC), Britannia Art Gallery, Emily Carr - Alumni Show, Chernoff Fine Arts

Still[s]... In Sacred Places, II
A Transformative Path to Presence

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