Mixed Media, Photography

Chong, Garrett Andrew

About the artist
A 4th-generation Chinese-Canadian, I was born in Armstrong, BC, in the early 60's and graduated with honours from ECUAD (Emily Carr) in the mid 80's. The emotional intelligence of visual art became a natural form of expression for me at a young age. My early B/W infrared works attempted to capture the energies and “unseen light”. Series "Not Two, 2019" captures the ambient light of HDR technology, the transformative presence of Reiki Zen meditative music and the atmospheric beauty of our natural world. By meditating into the composition, the artwork explores, interprets and juxtaposes select iconography and landscapes of sacred places and spaces. Utilizing a three-quarter by one-quarter composition, the quiescent collages are interwoven through generated-line, integrated colour vocabulary and interpretive meaning. The subject matter harmonizes the auras of spiritual temples, protected environments, living beings and ancient civilizations with rhythms of eclectic icons and earth elements. Series: "Not Two..." is an interconnection of our sense of oneness. The context of the work aspires to develop a formless concept into a form, which Illuminates our human search for being. Series: "One People" captures a few beautiful souls, their openness, family-love and connection to their community. Photography allows us to feel their presence and beauty within. Exhibits: Britannia Art Gallery, Cultch (ECC 2018), Emily Carr - Alumni Show, Chernoff Fine Arts

Neither I am me nor you are you nor you are me. Also I am me you are you and you are me. We have become one in such a way. That I am confused whether I am u or u are me.
- Rumi

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89 Gore Ave
Vancouver , BC