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Galen Felde

  • Installation
  • Multimedia
  • Painting
A selection of my work will be available for public viewing and purchase with fellow building artists at... 321 RAILWAY MAIN FLOOR GALLERY for the weekend of Nov 18-21.  (*All COVID protocols will be in place to accommodate our visitors.) Although I will only be in the gallery for short visits,  you can contact me any time with questions or to set up a private viewing by appointment (off Crawl hours)  Email: ___________ Echoing familiar landforms, Galen Felde’s work is a complex, often disguised integration of natural and urban elements, addressing memory, issues of empathy, impermanence and our complicated relationship with origins, adaptation and alteration of the landscape. Her paintings combine acrylic texturing and under-painting with feathered brushwork and numerous transparent washes on wood panel. Her multi-media work integrates film, construction, painting and photography. Galen was born in Vancouver, BC, and studied visual arts and contemporary dance in Vancouver, London Eng. and Montreal, Que. She has been a full-time practicing artist for over 2 decades with yearly exhibits, and extensive body of work and representation in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ont. Her work is collected internationally.