Fashion, Sculpture, Textile

FELT à la main with LOVE

About the artist
Chantal Cardinal's foundation for the last 25 years has been as a Fashion Designer and Costumer in the film industry. Also working in a feIt atelier, she discovered the endless possibilities of painting with fibres, draping and falling in love with nature's renewable gift. By using wet felting, that opened her up to the breathtaking ways in which fabric and form could be re-invented to make clothing into art. She took a wardrobe break in 2008 to obtain a bodywork and massage certificate and blends in some of those techniques to perfectly fit a wearable piece. Where design meets anatomy, pattern construction and felting techniques you will find some of Chantal's artifacts. Her obsession of late is with making large wall coverings for the home or public places: it not only adds a beautiful textural element but can help with absorbing sound resonance.
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281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC
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