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Cat Mudryk

  • Mixed Media
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
Sculpture, to Cat, is the manifestation of a single moment, and the effort to render something in three dimensional form is to build a harmony between movement and stillness. As the completed sculpture presents itself for contemplation in its stilled state, it also represents motion, as it could not exist without all the moments needed in its creation. Can the viewer see in it the memory of the making, the movement? Further exploring themes on memory and how it relates to a specific time and place, Cat digs through these ideas in her photography, photo transfer and encaustic work. Layering images as memories transpose and overlap, she tries to bridge the gaps between the emotions of a place and its physical reality. Cat finds inspiration and is influenced by her travels, nature, architecture and, of course, memory. Obtaining a BFA in Theatre Design in 2002, Cat found herself soon transitioning to film work a few years later. As rewarding as that work can be, she looks forward to a time when her full focus can be on her art.