Clay, Sculpture

Mudryk, Cat

About the artist
Since obtaining a BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta in 2002, Cat has worked steadily in the theatre and film industries. While currently working in film onset in the costume department, Cat also has extensive experience in the art department, and in set decoration and props. She has worked on feature films, mini series and TV. As a practicing artist, Cat discovered that stone and sculpture was like finding home. From her very first piece, stone carving carried a sense of comfort and familiarity. It’s a place where hours vanish in a blink and where she can always return to no matter the length of the absence away. Working in various stone - soapstone, English limestone, and Italian alabaster - Cat explores the abstract and simple line and form. She finds inspiration and influence in her travels, in nature, architecture and photography.
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1282 Franklin St
Vancouver , BC