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Mark Johnston

  • Jewellery
  • Painting
  • Wood
Mark Johnston is a contemporary jewellery designer and mosaic portrait artist, specialising in laser-cut, hand-painted pieces that meld wood, canvas, and vibrant acrylics into wearable art. Earrings & Pendants: Mark's signature jewellery pieces are a marriage of technology and traditional craftsmanship. He hand-paints individual canvases with a selected colour palette, laser-cuts these into intricate shapes, and artfully sets them into exotic woods like Walnut, Oak, and Padauk. The outcome is a line of uniquely individual earrings and pendants, each encapsulating its own tiny world of abstract art. Mosaic Portraits: Expanding his canvas, Mark also creates eye-catching mosaic portraits. With a keen eye for colour harmony, he hand-picks palettes that resonate with the personality or theme of his subject. These colours are then painted on wood or canvas and laser-cut into tiles. Through a labour-intensive process, the tiles are assembled into large-scale portraits, transforming pixels into tactile, emotional experiences. The Artist: Mark is a multidisciplinary artist whose background in digital design informs his innovative approach. Having explored both fine arts and digital media, his portfolio is a testament to the seamless integration of classical and contemporary techniques. Mark enjoys the tangible connection people form with his work. In a world where mass-produced items are the norm, Mark Johnston's creations offer a refreshing return to the handmade and the heart-felt, where every piece is as unique as the individual who owns it.