Mitchell, VIctoria

About the artist
Victoria Mitchell was born in 1971 and raised in Vancouver BC. As a quiet child, she found a comfort and stimulating way to relate with those around her through art. She was consequently given opportunities to attend workshops and receive private instruction from local teachers and career artists. Her early foray into the art world landed her scholarships and exhibitions including work displayed at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and by the Medical Research Council of Canada. In 1993 she shifted her focus towards building a 22 year career as a Registered Massage Therapist. In more recent years, the creation of a home art studio has re-ignited her work as an artist, inspired by her continued studies of body structure and kinetics. Venturing from literal points of reference has been important in discovering abstract representations with broader emotional and visceral impacts. She also seeks to understand and express her natural surroundings, through a variety of landscapes and biological abstract/representational paintings.
Map Code: E19
1828 William St
Vancouver , BC