Tana Lynn

About the artist
Canadian artist Tana Lynn works with acrylic and oil paints as well as encaustic wax medium. Encaustic wax painting is an ancient technique that allows Tana to reach into the world of unconscious emotion, memories and thoughts. Unlike techniques that use pens or brushes, she found that working with this flame-heated process limited her control as an artist, thereby enabling her work to emerge from a more visceral, primal place. Along with the relaxing, almost meditative quality of its application, the work itself is uncomplicated and evokes complexities of involuntary self-revelation, masking one thing while revealing another. The smooth colours, the heat of the wax and pigments applied to the substrate and the constant tension between the artist’s intention and the medium’s - often beyond her control – all of these aspects make encaustic wax painting a humbling cooperation between the artistic mind, or ‘ego’, and the independent qualities the wax. A self taught intuitive soul with a heart of an artist , she discovered the healing benefits of painting when she needed an outlet to work though emotions during a difficult period in her life , her first painting was a Buddha face that brought her so much joy she felt like the process had healed her soul and she had to keep exploring. She currently is working with acrylic paints, encaustic wax and oils , depending on the project will be how she chooses her medium.

My day is not complete until I make time to create

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Vancouver , BC
Studio #580 Clarke Drive