Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking

Tetrault, Richard

About the artist
I am a Vancouver-based painter, printmaker and muralist focusing on public projects as well as studio work. Exhibitions include more than 80 venues in Canada as well as internationally, ranging from the United States to Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Poland, The Netherlands and France. I have been awarded grants and residencies such as a 5-month residency in Germany, travel grants for exhibits in Thailand and Ontario, and numerous other grants for public projects. I am a recipient of The City of Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award, and in 2013, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. A recent trip to India has resulted in a series of gouache and ink on handmade Indian paper. Developed from street drawings and sketchbook material from Rajasthan and Kerela, this series strives for expressions of collectivity and ritual. My other focus is East Vancouver-sourced themes. Working in woodcut, drawing and painting, whether on paper, Mylar or canvas, I want my works to sustain an onlooker's interest both through content as well as execution.

I am interested in the realm that exists between the observed and the invented.

Map Code: C12
884 E Georgia St
Vancouver , BC