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Pat Parsons Mixed Media

About the artist
ART is a prime focus of my life. Even when occupied with family or business, I am conceptually painting and planning future works. Over the past few years, have explored mixed media and the creation of surface texture. Have now left the crinkled kraft paper painting which had become my trademark, and have developed a style using corporate symbols from cereal boxes, beer cans and other packaged products which are then interwoven with a master image. I especially like the cardboard Molson beer can packages and there is usually one in hiding in each painting! Am drawn mostly to fully body portraits. Energy is created with the corporate logos and surface texture, and power from strong design and close-up images of people. I have great excitement in seeing the canvas spring to life,. . . the corporate symbols -subtly emerging through the main image - add a visual depth and complexity to the surface, as well as a sociological depth which echoes that of our daily lives. . . for people in real life are rarely seen in front of a blank wall, they are seen within the context of a myriad of images of street signs, ads, other people etc.

early training: medical illustration - enjoyed the absurd amount of anatomical study that was necessary for this profession.
other : life drawing, surface texture, collage

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
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