Clay, Mixed Media, Photography

campbell, olga

About the artist
I have been creating art since 1993 when I graduated from Emily Carr School of Art and Design, and have had numerous shows in Metro Vancouver throughout the years. Working in a variety of media - sculpture, mixed media, photography, ceramics and digital prints- what I love most about creating art are the accidents of chance. It is the art process that leads me to an end product. This year in addition to having paintings, ceramic plates and prints, I will be selling silk screened T shirts and a book "Graffiti Alphabet ", in which I documented local graffiti. I am also in the process of finishing another book "I Heard Whispers Across time", the story of my family in the Holocaust. This is a compilation of art work, poetry and my family's story. Several of the prints at the Culture Crawl this year are images from this book. The book should be available in a few months.
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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #406