Mixed Media, Photography, Printmaking

Sears, Les (K8L35)

About the artist
Les Sears is a graduate of NSCAD University as well as the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, and his work has been exhibited throughout Canada and the US. His collaboration and studio partnership with Kate MacDonald as K8L35 began in 2013. They have most recently exhibited at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (Sants Ana) and the Propeller Gallery (Toronto). As creators, K8L35 endeavour to elevate the status of objects by creating meaning outside of original context. The playful tension in their work is a result of the mediation required by collaboration; ongoing and, often, dynamic dialogue is integral to their creative process. In their latest series, Vera Crux, they have reimagined popular symbols and consumer goods as religious iconography in an examination of modern religion (Christianity, in particular), redemption and grace. The symbolic aspect of religion is considered by some to be the main characteristic of religious expression. Seductive and secretive, these symbols can be as appealing to the outsider as they are revelatory to its innermost circle. Developed as communicative devices between the spiritual and the earthly world, they are the harbingers of the technical, scientific and commercial symbols of today. They have become how we, as consumers make sense of the modern world and our own places in it. For more information visit http://www.K8L35.com.


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1895 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #315