Fashion, Textile


About the artist
I am a painter and sculptor by training, and a textile designer by experience. I have made my way through reflecting the beauty around me on paper, into clay, onto jewelry, silk, and finally arriving at felt, where I feel most creative and in tune and inspired. I want my work to be an extension of nature and sometimes a clear reflection of it. Nature in itself is complete, balanced, and harmonious even in its most exuberant compositions. The wool, rolled with tender care into felt, reflects the same balance and perfection, as nature’s ultimate cloth; soft, light, warm and even water repellant. The colours and shapes reflected in my works are also reflective of what I observe in nature; Leaves, waves, water droplets, feathers and all that we observe around us. I hope that what you see in my work inspires you, brings you peace and joy the way it does for me.
Map Code: D2
281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC