Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Kujala, Jorma

About the artist
Jorma Kujala’s academic and interdisciplinary art practices are enveloped by theories of identity, politics and the construction of a global, cross-cultural “home.” Building on degrees from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (BFA) and SFU School for the Contemporary Arts (MA) alongside a process-based, research-oriented art practice that includes painting, drawing, collage and performance, his PhD studies at SFU’s School of Communication advance research in the shared knowledge, identity, memory, and social interaction that occur at the intersections of culture, communication, and social change. His visual and sound-based practices investigate repetition, re-enactment, and bodily interplay between individual and environment. Research interests also include: sound; listening; the soundscape; soundwalking and other forms of sensory studies; interdisciplinary and performative ethnography; embodiment and phenomenology; as well as the interaction between human and non-human.
Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #218