Jewellery, Mixed Media, Painting

Brisson, Jenn

About the artist
Vancouver based artist, Jenn Brisson started her Art Career as a Classical Animator, working around the world as an Art Director and Supervisor on various feature films and children's television series, all the while finding the time to paint on the side. All those years working in animation has definitely influenced her style of designing and painting. Her art has introduced the world to a band of mischievous dolls and precocious toys created with a dark, yet playful element. Her colors, textures and technique of mixing new and used materials in her paintings have quickly become one of her trademarks; discovering canvases in items that have been lost and forgotten or objects that most people would consider garbage. Jenn's work has been shown across Canada and the US and has also been published in comic books and novels. Jenn aspires to one day write and illustrate her own line of children's books and eventually design her own toys, too.
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1310 William Street
Vancouver , BC
Studio #15