kristensen, kari

About the artist
My latest body of work, the Imagined Landscape series, includes intricate linocuts as well as screenprints/monoserigraphs. In both cases, I’ve transformed the medium to bend beyond its traditional presentation. I appreciate printmaking as a medium because of this versatility and the ability to create my own vocabulary of marks. The landscapes are referential but fabricated. An homage to Vancouver. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ BIO: Printmaker/Artist Kari Kristensen was born and raised in Dutton, Ontario. She credits her passion for art in part to being so close to the art of the London Regionalism movement. Seeing and falling in love at an early age with works by Greg Curnoe and Jack Chambers kindled a desire to create and instilled the notion that art can express personal and specific ideas of home. Kari is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she had the fortune of learning from renowned Canadian printmaker Gene Chu. After moving to Vancouver she belonged to a printmaking collective on Granville Island prior to establishing her practice in the historic 1000 Parker street building.
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1000 Parker St.
Vancouver , BC
Studio #204