kristensen, kari

About the artist
ARTIST STATEMENT: My latest works continue to explore patterns and the interpretation of our perception of pattern-making. They are referential to form but drawn from imagination. Largely technique driven, the works are born as the knife carves into the linoleum, relying on the aesthetics of the process and the ability of the creator to impart impression. Monochromatic minimalism both simplifies and enhances their vivacity. ABOUT: Printmaker/Artist kari kristensen is a graduate of the University of Guelph, where she studied Art History and Printmaking. She belonged to a printmaking collective on Granville Island prior to establishing her studio in the historic 1000 Parker street building. Please come by studio 204 to see a wide variety of works from kari and her splendid studio mates, including THE COLLAGE PROJECT: A collaborative effort showcasing works comprised entirely out of discarded materials from 1000 Parker.
1000 Parker St.
Vancouver, BC
Suite: 204