Photography, Printmaking

Rausenberg, Esther

About the artist
Esther's photography evokes the passage of time through the process of double exposures to explore the nuances of time as it passes from past to present to future. Her work is primarily with landscapes, rural or urban and attempt to illustrate abstract, evocative scenery as a motif to epitomize the idea of imagined space. She continues to be intrigued by film and her recent series Reflected at the Edge of the Earth explores the visual eloquence of the details and abstraction of objects in Haida Gwaii's landscape. Using a convex mirror, the series plays with the optics of seeing real versus virtual through the interplay of perception and sensation, illusion and the real. Many of her themes delve into the layered, and shared histories of her native west-coast environment, and pose questions of place, presence and transience. Esther has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally in Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and Croatia. In 2013, she produced the highly acclaimed interactive video site ,, an examination of the black community that thrived in East Vancouver. In 2015, helped save artists Al Neil and Carole Itter’s “Blue Cabin” from demolition. Esther has twice been appointed to the City of Vancouvers' Arts and Culture Policy Council and is Co-vice Chair. She will be exhibiting at the Ferry Gallery Building in a 4-artist exhibit called Reversing the Tide which opens on Sept 20, 2016

Esther Rausenberg is a photo-based artist who developed her unique process over many years of experimentation and searching.

Map Code: C12
884 E Georgia St
Vancouver , BC