Tycho, David

About the artist
David Tycho was born in Vancouver in 1959, and later attended U.B.C., where he studied painting under renowned Canadian artist Gordon Smith. Since graduating in 1983, David has explored numerous Modernist styles and themes, and his work has straddled the genres of abstraction and representation, at times more experimental and intuitive and at other times more reflective of his surroundings. His inspiration and subjects are varied, ranging from urban sprawl and pristine wilderness areas, to the people he encounters along the way. David has exhibited his work in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Brussels, Geneva, Singapore and Manila, and his work is collected worldwide. In addition to being a painter, David is also an often published writer and the winner of a Canadian Literary Award. When not painting or writing, David can be found travelling, hiking, cycling or practicing karate.

"Eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."
Hans Hofmann

Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #430