Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

Sleeman, Camille

About the artist
I was born in Vancouver, B.C. I studied Landscape Architecture at U.B.C. and Painting at Emily Carr University. My work has been shown at the Eastside Culture Crawl and Federation of Canadian Artists. I live and garden in Burnaby BC., and work at Portside Studios, 150 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC. Nature’s ability to heal and regenerate is a prevalent theme in my painting practice. Many of the landscapes I paint are unraveling and in various states of agitation. I often return to specific places year after year to observe how the landscape has evolved and responded to change. The deep tangles of undergrowth as well as the abstract notion of physicality, such as the musculature of exposed roots or the skeletal arrangement of rocks under a skin of moss, intimate to me some of the darker history of the forest. Rather than viewing the landscape from a distance, I prefer to paint from a different point of view, where the horizon line disappears and I feel as though I am part of the landscape. Likewise, I want to the viewer feel immersed in the landscape, and to peer into its unknown depths.

I was born, raised, and currently reside in Burnaby, BC. I studied Landscape Architecture at University of British Columbia and painting at Emily Carr University.

Map Code: E10
150 McLean Dr
Vancouver , BC