Sleeman, Camille

Address: 1000 Parker St. , Suite: 330
As a landscape painter, I strive to build connections between the elements of nature and the primitive sensations that attract us to it. Through my understanding of nature and the pictorial forms found within it, I wish to impart a sense of size, weight, location and presence to the elements within my paintings, in order to evoke a sense of familiarity with, or recognition of the landscape, without revealing an exact location to the viewer. I have worked in the field of landscape architecture for the past 20 years, on large-scale residential and commercial projects, as well as school and urban park projects. I have always been fascinated to discover how we interact with our environment, I became a full time painter in 2007, and my work is shown at the East Side Culture Crawl, Artists in Our Midst, and Arts Off Main. Upcoming shows include the Jericho Arts Centre and “Exquisite Landscape”, at the Cityscape Gallery in North Vancouver.

Eastside Culture Crawl icon This artist is participating in the 2013 preview event.