Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

Granby, Brent

About the artist
8 stories about cars: If we were to think of our time as period of crisis, central to the crisis that we are living in now is the private ownership of cars. This crisis is not just about climate change, but more broadly involvers issues of public heath, urban livability, international trade, governance, business, employment and social justice and equality across the world. The narratives that connect these very diverse themes are an emerging discourse on the connection between ecological, economically and cultural sustainability on public health and urban planning. As an analytical discourse in their respective fields of study there is much work being done in these areas. While on a cognitive level a body of work is emerging which is undertaking a critical analysis of the car its many consequents to urban planning, climate change and public health, more understanding is required of our emotional attachment to the car. How do our memories of places that we once walked, that have been transformed by the car and the planning for the cars, affect out consciousness? Equally important is how the car is transforming our bodies and become appendage. There is a narrative that is deeply embedded into our childhood memories and reconstructed family memories of how the private ownership of cars has transformed us and our culture. Narratives have been sold to us by companies and planned for by all levels of government. But what are our stories of cars and memories.
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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #146