Mixed Media, Painting

Abdollahi, Sorour

About the artist
As an immigrant artist, my Persian heritage and my Canadian experience have had a tremendous influence on the subject matter of my artwork. Ancient ruins and Persian architecture play a pivotal role in my paintings and help to express the mediation between modern and ancient, East and West, and the conflict and negotiation process between two different cultures or societies. My works deal with the present and the future, as much as they make reference to the past. Similar to the ruins depicted, my paintings speak of the process of changing and evolving cultures, where the environment bears the markings of accumulated human impact, layered year after year. My aim has been to bridge the cultural, spatial and temporal. In order to achieve this, I employ a variety of mixed media techniques including acrylic, collage, gesso and script in the painting process. My work can be found in private collections in Canada, USA, UK, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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975 Vernon Dr
Vancouver , BC
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