Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

Gaze, Anne

About the artist
Anne is a visual artist who works in painting, drawing and printmaking. Her latest mixed media drawings, explore remnants of a decaying forest, inspired by a trip to Alert Bay. "The tree boughs were dry, brittle and broken; their limbs spirally inward. The atmosphere was one of loss and struggle for survival." I am intrigued by the cycles and organic processes inherent in nature, particularly the way they reflect our own inner landscape and human condition. Anne grew up in southern Ontario where she began her art career as a textile artist. She moved to Vancouver in 1979 and had a successful business producing hand-painted silk garments. She later pursued a degree in Fine Art at Emily Carr University, graduating in 1993 with a major in Fine Art. For several years she worked at Malaspina Printmaker’s Studio on Granville Island producing hand-printed woodcuts, collographs and monotypes. Anne participates in the Eastside Culture Crawl annually. She has exhibited throughout the Lower Mainland as well as other parts of Canada, the US and Japan.
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1310 William St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #12