Clay, Painting, Sculpture


About the artist
Born and raised in the port city of Vladivostok on the Russian Far East frontier, from my early childhood I was exposed to diverse cultural influences. Even at the time of Soviet Iron Curtain I could still wonder at the mysterious images of dragons on my Granma’s Asian tea set. One of my favorite childhood books was a book about Russian Folk Toys; another was about Japanese Folk Art. In my home library albums of Picasso, Mayan temples and Qi Baishi stood next to each other. My mom would bring strange wooden idols with inlayed mother of pearl form her trips to Oceania. When I grew up I studied classical European sculpture and modern drawing for designers. I travelled a lot and every unique place I visited influenced my art and changed it forever. Different times and styles I learnt, myths, legends and stories of heroes I heard would play their role in making my work look the way it does. Another great teacher of mine has always been nature itself with its infinite source of shapes, forms, colors and patterns put together with love. I admired genius engineering of every little piece of living and non-living matter in the Universe. My work is intuitive. I often get my ideas when I sleep or daydream. Sometimes I can trace the source of inspiration. Sometimes I cannot. Sometimes there are many sources harmoniously merging together in one work of art.

I am a dreamer. Dreams come to me at night or day. They are beautiful even when scary. They want me to materialize them as paintings or sculptures and share with others.

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