Drawing, Mixed Media

Nieukerk, Annette

About the artist
In her figurative work Annette is primarily interested in the narratives which are at the heart of human existence. What are our stories? What is factual and what has been eroded by memory? What is hidden? What are our secrets? Her work speaks to the intricacies and layering of those narratives and how what is known or exposed to view and what is hidden from view are both reflected in the physicality of our bodies. Utilizing very contrasting media - drawing ink, graphite, and enamel or oil paint on translucent mylar - she works at exposing the inner narrative of each human figure. In her latest series - In Praise of Older women - Annette also seeks to portray the inner resilience and strength that many women have as they age. As the human body clearly begins to show the passage of time, the inner light of the human spirit appears to strength. The figures not only become their stories. They transcend them. Allegory and Grace is a continuation of the series In Praise of Older Women that poses the question as to whether or not our society has reached a moment in time where we can embrace the aging of a woman’s body and the experiences - stories of births, deaths, loves, losses, joys and sorrows - that are etched so gracefully into the folds of her skin. In each of these images a flower has been added to enhance and echo the female form - symbolic of grace, of beauty, of life’s seasons.

"Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heART ... live in the question." Rainer Maria Rilke

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1282 Franklin St
Vancouver , BC