Williams, Robyn

About the artist
Willowcraft was born from a desire to make exceptionally crafted home ware that honors the tradition of pottery in culture through the ages. Attention to detail and technique, a love of form, and commitment to high quality drive the design and making process. “What I do is what I love, and you have to love it to do it as much as I do” says Robyn (ceramic artist and designer) of her many hours at the pottery wheel. From tea pots to steins, coffee mugs to dinner sets her passion for the work is evident. Willowcraft also produces a line of antique inspired ceramic jewellery that started as something to do with “scraps and leftovers” and ended as a successful endeavor in its own right. “I have been making things out of clay since grade seven” says Robyn who is now forty, “that’s how long it takes to understand this medium and still there is more to learn, every day in the studio brings a new lesson and I am up for it.”
Map Code: E7
1803 E. 1st Avenue
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Back alley