Painting, Photography, Printmaking

Copeland, Wendi

About the artist
Just as the contemporary mass media blurs the boundaries between the real vs virtual and the 2-D vs 3D realms, I explore similar tensions in the medium of paint. Using the colors, shapes, and raw materials of the mass media, I exploit paint to capture the psychological tensions of our time. We are currently living with an unprecedented amount of images in our daily lives - posters, billboards, digital pop-ups, and ads in every media. What would happen if we stripped away the representational images of our mass media culture, reducing it to color and form? How might such forms capture the sense of vertigo, disorientation, or intoxication brought upon by constant visual stimulation? Where as the slick and manicured images of advertising culture work on the viewer through representation and idealization, my works seek to reverse this process. Designed to work on the viewer at the gut level, my pieces explore the processes of deconstruction, inversion, magnification, play, and distortion. To achieve these effects, I create immersive works that interact with the architecture of a room, such as paintings that merge the walls and floors or paintings that seem to slide right off the wall. Through a sustained interrogation of the physics of painting, I am keen on plunging the viewer into unfamiliar territory, where the senses are activated in unexpected ways. I believe in the potential of paint to open up a greater awareness of our visual field.
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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio ##202