About the artist
Tere Antoni, left Venezuela, in the early 80’s and moved to California, settling in San Francisco and later Los Angeles. Tere’s exploration of the Pacific coast eventually brought her further north to Vancouver where she now resides. For the most part she considers herself a self-taught artist trying to claim her time with the whole purpose of doing something meaningful and creative that aligns with her true nature. Along her creative path, Antoni discovered the whimsical, naive, hand-painted furniture that emerged from the Southwest, specifically Taos, New Mexico. The playful, animal-themed creations captured her imagination and ignited an interest to study the unique art form with one of its pioneers, Jim Warner. Antoni furthered her studies at Otis school, Los Angeles’ premier Art and Design School, under Carol Free. Keeping a philosophy of recycling in mind, her work has recently evolved into a more modern, contemporary line that includes Restoring / Refinishing old pieces of furniture & Upholstery. Her interest also include the exploration of new materials such as metal and tile. This deepening of Tere’s design knowledge of creative ways of using colors, textures, and techniques to transform any given surface into a piece of art has evolved as Mezulejo creations and have found their way into high-end stores, as well as a variety of festivals and design shows. Her work was recently featured in Georgia Straight magazine.

The ultimate purpose is to create unique functional pieces that will have a special meaning in their adopted environments while keeping a small human footprint on the planet.

Map Code: A6
393 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #N/A