Assemblage, Mixed Media, Painting

Tableau, Catherine

About the artist
''With visual arts more and more dominated by new technologies, I privilege materials and tools associated with the world of construction in my artistic practice. Appropriating and repositioning these traditional methods bring to life this creative process that seduces me with its cyclical, slow, laborious sequence rooted in the material world. My work takes shape in paintings, drawings, sculptures and accumulations where plaster, monochrome and repetition dominate. I pour, break, cut, sequence, recompose and try to create cohesion. I encourage imperfections, push the boundaries of the physical qualities of my raw materials until they break, the better to repair them. But a trace of the damage always remains, revealing an experience, a unique moment in the history of the object. The materiality of plaster becomes a metaphor of the human condition: versatile, fragile, malleable and tactile, a channel for emotions, sensations and ideas. In an often-narrow space between artisanal craft and contemporary art, my practice is inspired by Land Art and minimalism, and articulates the notion of dislocation, social violence, recomposition and impermanence both at the individual and collective level.’’

''The instant of decision is madness''. Søren Kierkegaard

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281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC
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