Metalwork, Photography, Sculpture

Lesha Koop/Steel Tapestry

About the artist
Lesha is a sculptor, fabricator and photographer who grew up exploring forests, books and thrift stores. Her love of wandering, reading and collecting found treasures has grown into an affection for a slower, contemplative creative process. Central to her work is a focus on form and craftsmanship, created in the structure of sculpture and its interaction with what surrounds it, as well as how forms play in light and shadow. Born out of a long interest in medieval art, armor, weapons, music and textiles, Lesha's work involves blacksmithing and weaving, as well as film photography and other analogue media. Her main focus is on metals, especially steel, which inspired her training as a steel fabricator, welder and blacksmith. She is fascinated by pre-industrial manufacturing techniques, some of which are combined with her metal-working skills, along with modern techniques such as laser cutting. What inspired "Steel Tapestry" as her studio name is the combination of all these beloved mediums and their intricate connections through her art, reflecting the complexity of historical tapestries. When not making her own art, Lesha works as a custom fabricator for museums and takes on private commissions.
Map Code: E9
1907 Triumph St
Vancouver , BC