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Foyle, Sibéal

About the artist
Hi, My name is Sibéal, an Irish name which is pronounced, shib + ale or sh + bail. It is the Gaelic translation of my Mother's name, Isabella. I was raised in the west of Ireland, the fourth in a family of nine. I come from a rich tradition of oral history and storytelling which informs my life as an artist and an educator. My love of painting and drawing provides me with endless possibilities for interpretation, composition and colour. This year I have taken a break from painting large canvasses and found myself contemplating the everyday miracles of the natural world through drawing. Collecting abandoned nests and seed pods has long been a habit and perhaps in response to a sense of chaos in the world at large, I have found great joy in observing and drawing the detail of insects, birds and plants. Observing the minutia of what I have previously overlooked, ignored and taken for granted has been humbling and awe inspiring.
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716 E Hastings St
Vancouver , BC