Stout, Richard

About the artist
Dick Stout has been an architect and painter for over 3 decades. Working in oils and in series, the past few years have resulted in a series titled ' The Fauve Ponies', 'The Secrets of Summer,' 'The Linears', ' Monochromes', 'Willows', and the mural sized series 'The Lives of Trees',. Currently, I have experimented with folding room partitions with bird themed paintings on both sides. Additional painting subjects have included figurative works, still life subjects and smaller landscapes, and abstracts titled 'A Thousand Points of Light'. Paintings are typically large in scale and focus on light, composition, and colour. The size of canvases range from 4 to 14 ft in length and up to 7 ft in height. As a series example ' The Linears' paintings is a series of 20 paintings over the past 2.5 years with a primary format of 6.5 to 8 ft. in length and 1.5 ft in height. They explore landscape in a calm, balanced, tightly composed, horizontal format, reduced to a simplicity of subject and line in a single minimal statement. The intent is to study the essence of the subject and painting without 'clutter'. The paintings are as much about what is not shown as what is shown, with rich colour typically favoured. I have been painting most of my adult life in the U.S. and Canada for 40 years and have placed paintings in private homes and offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and the United States.
Map Code: E10
150 McLean Dr
Vancouver , BC