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Westerly Handmade Shoes

About the artist
Westerly Handmade Shoes is a small shoemaking practice based in East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded by shoemaker Renée Macdonald in 2012, Westerly got underway as a one-woman operation to meet the need for properly fit, well made shoes. Bespoke and made to measure footwear is what Westerly was built on; each pair crafted to the measurements of their intended wearer. Coming from a background in shoe repair, Renée also brought to Westerly the value of making footwear that can be cared for and maintained over the years. Her knowledge of materials, construction and inevitable wear is carried into every design and into the execution of every build. While bespoke and made to measure footwear continue to be fundamental services at Westerly, we have expanded our list of services to include made to order footwear so that we can reach people further afield. Studio visits are an integral part of bespoke and made to measure footwear, while made to order clients have the opportunity to order Westerly's from anywhere in the world. Since it’s inception, the goal of Westerly has been to create comfortable and beautiful shoes built for endurance and designed for repair… Westerly’s are made to be worn and loved.
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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #250